Fluorinated drugs. To use or not to use?

At first I want to say that I do not suggest anyone to quit their medication because it is fluorinated.

Reason why I am writing this is this quote :

"It is unclear to what extent, if any, the fluorinated drugs listed here may increase the body burden of inorganic fluoride. This uncertainty is amplified by the lack of available data from the pharmaceutical companies."


They also provide a list of drugs that are fluorinated.

I did some digging and most say fluorinated drugs are safe, except when used long term.

"The only thing that is bad for the Human Body is that if a drug is used year on year on year on year on year - way beyond its intended/prescribed usage, then there is going to be permanent damage somewhere in the body. Often damage is quite reversible after treatment cessation, however, not always.

For example, long term usage of antidepressants has been shown to create the same level of damage in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain akin to that of having had a lobotomy"

They also explain why drugs are fluorinated , unfortunately some of it makes sense.


My question is, even if it would be perfectly safe to use fluorinated drugs short term, what happens when your health is already compromised? As far as I am concerned only ill people need medication!

But as stated above, jury is still out there as we are lacking data which pharmaceutical companies obviously doesn't want to share!

Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat legal for pharmaceutical companies to hide data that is possibly damaging them. I am not saying this is one of those cases, but what if it is? What if fluorinated drugs are one reason causing epidemic of autoimmune diseases?

In a perfect world this should be properly investigated. Until that we can either trust that there is no harm or try alternative medication that hopefully and possibly is less damaging.

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  • Thanks for your post pointing out the dangers.

    As well as drugs what about toothpaste. It is very rare to find one without fluoride and particularly in children's toothpaste and considering their teeth are renewed around 7 years of age - has flouride damaged their thyroid gland in particular and also health in the future?.

    Children swallow their toothpaste whether or not you watch them? Thankfully in the UK we don't have much flouridated water at present.

    I've never thought that medications might also contain flouride. Thanks for that info.


  • Exactly.

    One could have used fluoride toothpaste for years and then on top of that given one, two or three different fluorinated drugs. So you might already be sensitive to fluoride before even adding any drugs!

  • This was an article by Dr Barry Peatfield a gentleman of quality and care who after a lifetime of treating patients with a dysfunction of their thyroid gland had to resign his practice as 'they' were no pursuing him.


    I believe he has now semi-retired as he has developed cancer, so I have read.

  • Thanks for sharing that link.

  • Thanks shaws. Mentions on this video of Hitler putting fluoride in the water at the concentration camps which the lady says surely wasn't to help the prisoners teeth.

    I believe there is a website you can go on to find out if your area has fluoride in it's water.

  • Are you certain that the reference to Hitler is true, valid, verified?

    There are people who question it.


    In my view, far better not to introduce the nazis to any discussion or argument unless absolutely imperative.

  • Oh! dear, I assumed shaws fluoride video link was true and was horrified by the 'mentions' of it, apologies if I have wronged Helvella.

    One should never assume, should one. :(

  • Don't apologise! :-)

    The internet is awash with "stories" - some of which are true; others are false. It is almost impossible to tread carefully enough never to make a mistake. I know I have believed things I later learned I should not have. And vice versa.

    I am certain that no-one on this thread means to mislead anyone else. It was quite simply that I didn't feel I could leave the claim to go entirely unchallenged - not to chastise you.

  • Phew! relieved at that one Helvella. We certainly learn something new everyday, (even if it is not true :) )

  • You can find toothpaste without fluoride. I have switched over to fluoride free. Also watch out for some flossing sticks, these can have fluoride on too.

  • Funny thing is that teeth do contain fluoride (or is it called fluorine when it is in this form)naturally but it's very different form. They try to excuse usage of fluoride with that.

  • It is a poison after all. maybe just a way for producers to get rid of it in water rather than paying for proper disposal.

  • Well i have understood that in a process of making aluminium, glass and fertilizers , different type of fluorides are left overs.

    What I don't know if they have figured out they could sell it to other industries to make some more money or did they truly believe at some point that this toxic waste could be good for us. As like I said teeth are formed from natural fluoride which is also toxic in large quantities but maybe it would have worked better in small quantities but it costed a lot.

  • I use Boots toothpaste called Smile but you have to be very careful to read the ingredients as one 'smile' product does contain flouride. Why they do this I don't know.


  • Thanks for the warnings Justiina. :)

  • I have posted this link above:


  • Thanks shaws, rather shocking, have you considered posting it up for others to see ?

  • Thanks shaws, fluoride is more potent than we realize, have you done a post up of this before ? I am sure other members would be interested in seeing it too.

  • Quite a few past posts have been done by others too. I shall link below what has gone before :)


  • Thank you shaws will have a trawl through them. :)

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