Your New Doctor may be Artificial Intelligence

Los Alamos, N Mex is where the atomic bomb was invented. it is also where they were preparing for bio warfare and developed the technology to look inside the human body via RNA . This forensic science turns out to be RNA sequencing and will be available soon. This test is less costly than an MRI and better than DNA. it reveals everything you need to know about what's happening in your body; RNA sequencing is better than DNA because it alive and still replicating. It can tell every- thing that is happening inside the body. What it discovers will govern what you will need to acquire good health and probably without pharmaceuticals.

This was part of the Prosperity series. There are people who are trying to change some of the egregious situations we face, not by protests or sit-ins but by instituting their own enterprises hoping to gain support from the ordinary people who feel the same respect for the plant and human life.

After listening to this particular interview I am quite excited to look into it since it has more impact on chronic conditions primarily. The company is called VIOME. It is not a charity but I agree with the concept that a better mousetrap will draw people out of a terrible medical system into a new paradigm. First they need to amass 1,000,000 people to collect data. I feel very certain they will do it.

This man has acknowledged what we know. Patients are not stakeholders in health; rather it's insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The data that doctors use is 25 years old and they know very little about all the findings made in the last five years.

I'm encouraged by this effort and if it develops into something for the viable future, I will post again. I think we have someone finally on our side and let's hope he succeeds. His name is Naveen Jain.

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Fascinating ... hope at last for the future health , at least , of our children and grandchildren ... that's if terrorism at its worst doesn't finish us off first !!

Thank you for sharing


Thank you, madge. I do think it's available but I'm wondering if we can get the nutrients or foods needed which seems to be the treatment since it appears it's rather difficult already. Anyway, it's a start!

I find that really exciting. In my own day dreams I envisaged a machine to look inside our bodies as a whole. Looks like this is it. Thanks for posting that.

Found this Youtube of Naveen Jain. He's so much brighter than any endo I've ever seen !!!

That's fabulous and explains it so well. The interview I watched with him and Padrem Shojai who was a doctor before this made it apparent that medicine in the U.S. was centered around prescribing drugs, the best kinds being prescribed for the rest of your life.

It was so refreshing to hear these brilliant minds all getting together with integrity to actually help the human situation. The whole series is really about entrepreneurs who are willing to pursue what is good for people and the planet. We'll see how far they can get.

And he's not even a doctor.

"I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that. You must have TSH over 10 for me to issue a prescription for thyroxine". "No, central hypothyroidism is very rare; you won't have that."

Plus ca change

Angel_of_the_North Let’s hope some geek finds a work around or it will be no improvement on what we have already! !

Thank you so much Heloise! I will take a look at this, and see about becoming one of those 1,000,000! I like what I hear already.

Be sure to watch Marigold's link Maybe if we get human doctors out of the way, we can find what ails us, haha.

@heliose let’s hope non human doctors are open to patient choice too!

LOL. There is no one more skeptical than I am but this documentary series which is going to be in movie theaters shortly is very impressive.

It's called Prosperity.

We, the little people, could never surmount the obvious power of the moguls but there are some leaders with integrity in all sorts of business and that's what this is.....a better health business. It will not be inhibited by an insurance company or a government agency (I hope) because it will be a private enterprise. They hope to make it affordable for all. Of course, we will have to make the effort, just like we have to now to comply with the findings. Let's hope.

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