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Advice please

Hi everyone

I have come over from the Pas/b12 def forum

I was diagnosed b12 and folate def with neuropathy in July, negative intrinsic factor for Pernicious anaemia, I had the loading jabs and then the gp stopped them due to high serum b12, its the usual problem with the gps, I have submitted a letter to the practice for reinstatement.

I also have an autoimmune condition Psoriatic Arthritis and low testosterone being treated with Testogel hormone replacement therapy.

I am aware that Thyroid and b12 def can overlap,

Gp has done the basic tsh test, result 1.5.

For many years I have had a red face and chest reported to gp many times, also seen a consultant haemotologist as I read about Polycythemia, he thinks not.

Lately the red face is more prevalent but at night time my body temperature is very hot and I have sleeping problems and a thumping heart.

I have felt unwell for a long time now but I feel as though I am hitting barriers at every turn.

Should I be asking for a full Thyroid panel test ? Or any other advice most welcome.

I am a 61 yr old male in the UK.

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Welcome to the forum, Kenbowns.

TSH 1.5 does not indicate primary hypothyroidism but TSH alone is not sufficient to rule out secondary hypothyroidism where TSH may be low-normal but FT4 low or below range. Unfortunately some GPs will only test FT4 when TSH is abnormal. FT3 is rarely tested in primary care.

You can order a private thyroid test from Blue Horizon. Thyroid Plus 11 is the comprehensive thyroid and vitamin.mineral test


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Many thanks Clutter

I was considering this particular test, I will do it now.


Hello Kenbowns,

It may be useful to read up on Leaky Gut if you have P.A., which my husband has. He has had great success with following a gluten free diet; sounds awful, but M&S now offers a good range of G/F food, and the bread actually tastes authentic. G/F won't be the only thing to do-PA is a complicated condition- but I hope this helps a little.


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