My throat is starting to hurt

I don't see my Specialist for my Thyroid till next month on the 10th, and I'm starting to get a sore throat(off and on) I'm taking only 2.5 of Methimazole once everyday in the Morning. The only nuisance I've been having physically is my gums have been hurting and they bleed at times when I brush my teeth. Out of breath at times. If anyone knows about a hurting throat or sore throat please comment. Thank You.

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  • Ask for iron panel bloods and vitamin B12 and vitamin D bloods to be done too sara. Thyroid, vitamin B12 deficiency and also iron can be cause of breathlessness. Also low or deficient vitamin D bloods can be connected to gum problems.

    All well worth checking. Many who have thyroid problems also have these deficiency's running parallel too.

  • Thanks coastwalker for information needed. Today I go in for blood work and Specialist said she will be requesting a blood count. I won't be able to see the Specialist till next month on the 10th. She had told me last week that I can take iron but she doesn't have the patience to say what kind of iron, she told the nurse to tell me that. Thank you

  • Remember to ask for a printout of all bloods done and post them up on here for others to help your forward. :)

  • Thanks I will. God bless you.

  • Odd for specialist to say OK for you to take iron without knowing the iron blood results.

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