Menopause - what can I take ?

Hello everyone, a little help please. I am now officially menopausal (oh the joy), with every symptom going. Does anyone know if red clover interacts with thyroxine ? My hot flushes and insomnia are going to be the death of me and I'm trying herbal first.

However, if all else fails...I may reluctantlay try HRT, but does anyone know how that interacts with thyroxine?

Cheers ladies xxx

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  • Hello Redwinegirl, I am sorry but I am not familiar with red clover so cannot help you out on that. However, I was told many years ago when facing the delightful 'change' that hot flushes were caused by a lack of progesterone (not sure about insomnia). The menopause can create an imbalance in hormones and result in a progesterone deficiency. I believe there are natural progesterone creams that you can use, and maybe something in tablet form, my research is not up to date so can't suggest anything in particular.

    Hope this may help.

  • I appreciate your reply after 12 weeks of not sleeping, I've booked into my doctors. At 49 and a full time career, HRT may be the way forward xxx

  • Hi, I am 52 and have been on HRT for just over a year. I suffered greatly with mood swings, hot flushes and unable to sleep at night etc. I dont know anything about Redclover so cant comment on that. Everyone is different but for me personally HRT has helped me greatly and has had no affect on my thyroid or other autoimmune conditions. I take 100mcg of Levothyroxine daily. Good luck and I am sure you will get loads of advice on here.

  • Thank you, everything health wise seems to have got pear shaped over the last 3 years!

    Mood swings are awful, I'm quite a tough sort of girl but I found myself crying at bake off last night!

    Can I ask, has HRT increased your weight? Since my thyroid left home, I've been battling to keep my weight down. I'm scared HRT will add more weight .

    Glad HRT has worked for you xx

  • Yes, emotions do run high and low and to the extreme when your hormones are all over the place. I have not put any weight on since taking HRT and i was really worried also about that before I started. If anything it has had the opposite affect and I have lost weight since taking it but the side affects on the leaflet do mention weight gain but I have been one of the lucky ones. I also personally feel that when your hormones are more settled your entire body is more relaxed and able to cope so your weight will also come down once everything settles into a safe mode however, that is just my opinion. I wish you all the very best and it is worth having a chat with your GP or Nurse to get further advice and information on all medication available to you etc. I know once you start on which ever course you decide on you will begin to feel the benefits. I wish you all the very best x

  • Red clover is one of a number of herbs you could try - agnus castus or black cohosh are also popular choices for menopause. I would advise working with a trained herbalist or a kinesiologist though as most of the stuff you buy in the shops is of low grade and probably too low a dosage to make real difference. I take agnus castus (no levo as I cannot take it) but have also started HRT. I went to the clinic in London to get the bioidentical hormones as with Hashi's I was worried about my autoimmunity with conventional HRT. It does seem my sleep and general mood are improving and the weight is stable and even feels like it might be going down 8-)

    There was an interesting talk about the sex hormones and thyroid interdependence on the Thyroid Summit yesterday and yes there is quite a strong connection between them so sorting your oestrogen and progesterone and possibly testosterone is very important. Marianne Gluck's "It must be my hormones" is a good read to get more information on the topic.

    Hope you will have positive results soon! Best regards x

  • Thank you, very informative. Xx

  • I took high dose sage (2000mg) daily for my hot flushes and they improved dramatically within a week. Continued taking the sage for a few months then stopped for approx. 4 months when seemed to start getting them again, so took the sage again and they disappeared again. Clemmie

  • Hello redwinegirl -

    My experience was that nature identical progesterone helped when oestrogen levels were still ok but progesterone had dropped (around 47). The capsules improved my sleep immediately, and balanced my mood during the day.

    Four years later a functional doctor convinced me to take compounded HRT capsules which kicked of weight gain, awful insomnia and hot flushes (also from adrenal problems) day and night plus I felt extremely uncomfortable in myself.

    I stopped HRT after two weeks, symptoms continued for a year

    A traditional chinese practicioner prescribed pills that stopped the hot flushes (am I allowed to say the name?)

    I was given low dose hormone creams: estradiole, progesterone and testosterone which I have to experiment with. I believe testosterone is the missing link, I don't gain oestrogen-weight when I use it in tiny amounts.

    I hope you figure out what works for you!

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