Thyroid and periods

Hi everyone) Hope you are all well. Here is my question:

When i was hypo ( T3 conversion problem) , my periods were light and lasted only 2-3 days ( sorry for TMI) . However, since starting T3 , they last longer and are more heavy. Everywhere i read it is a symptom of hypothyroidism, so I am confused now. Thus, is it true that longer /heavy periods are a symptom of hypo only or they may occur with normal thyroid or hyperthyroidism as well?

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  • Low iron is another cause of heavy periods.

  • Thanks for letting me know. Interesting. I have checked my iron levels recently. It was optimal, but I shall keep that cause in mind)

  • You're welcome.

  • You have chosen my specialisttopic!

    Very short scanty periods like yours previous can be a sign of low progesterone or estrogens. Woulddepend on how long your cycle was eg 26 or 35 days .or s mix of lengths.

    Heavier periods are okay but are they painful or so heavy you are soaking through more than every couple of hours? And arethey on a regular cycle?

    As for hypo andheavy periods it's not always the case. Would also depend on why you are hypo. For instance conversion couldhave nutritional deficiencies basis in which case your body is stressed and sex hormones suffer.

    Personally hypo is light periods for me and irregular cycle of 22-53 days! ! I've been tracking for years! As my thyroid hormone levels come up I had a 28 day cycle but I don't know what will happen next.

    So I'd say that it's nothing to worry about unless it's painful, debilitating or heavy. It's hard to tell what you mean by longer and heavy?

    Take care ☺

  • WOW! Thank you so much for such detailed answer. My periods are not heavy per se ( not using pads more often), it is just they last a bit longer ( after I started T3) and cycles used to be 31-34 days and now they are 28. Thanks again for replying ) U guys here are so knowledgeable and amazing)

  • It sounds like you are getting a regular flow now wahoo congratulations! !!

    I wrote this for men but a lot of women feel enlightened by it. ...

  • Great article! A lot of useful info you put there) and it is very well written :) Thank you)

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