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Does anyone experience periods of 'slump'

Hi, been Hypo for 5 years, and recently posted my private blood tests as I hadn't had one for 18 months. Grey Goose told me I had Hashi's which I didn't know. My question is, does anyone have periods where they, well, basically 'slump'. I get periods where I feel quite unwell. I'm not in pain, I just feel unwell. Slump is the only word I can find to describe it. These periods can last a few days or just recently a couple of weeks or more. I can't tell when it's going to come on and I can't tell when it's going to go off. During these periods I feel so unwell that I feel there must be something more seriously wrong. I have just come out of a period and starting to feel normal. When I analyse it I have changed nothing, done nothing different.

I'm trying to understand it, prevent it, cure it. Any ideas? Hopefully this doesn't all sound too strange.

Many thanks x

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Those 'slumps' could be when your antibodies are mounting an attack on your thyroid. Really all you can do is to rest if you can, but more importantly, keep plugging away at raising your vitamin/mineral levels. Hashi's requires so much patience. Your ferritin still looked low on your last posted results, and your Vit D. Are you supplementing now?


Thanks Jadzhia, I am taking Vit D now but didn't know what to take for the low ferritin. Could you suggest anything? If not I will still look into it.

I have just found something called 'post external malaise' and although I don't do high intense exercise, it has happened after a long day out - but it lasts longer than 24 hours usually.

Thanks for your help. Dx


There are a few iron preparations on the market, it really depends how well you can tolerate them. It'll be a case of experimentation. You can try:

Ferrous fumarate (210 mg per tablet) take up to 3 a day.

Ferrous sulphate (200 mg per tablet) take up to 3 a day.

Solgar’s ‘Gentle Iron, which is Ferrous Bisglycinate. (often used by folk who can't tolerate either of the ones above - is more 'gentle'.)

Be sure to take them well away from Levo - at least 4 hours, more is preferable. Iron's best taken on an empty stomach for max absorption, but you may not be able to tolerate it. Always take with some vitamin C for better absorption and to prevent constipation, 1000 mg should do it.

Alternatively you can simply eat up to 200g of liver a week! And up iron-rich foods, too. apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/in...

You ideally want your ferritin over 70 for thyroid hormones to work optimally.


You results two months ago showed low vitamin D, and slightly low ferritin

Also FT3 was low.

Have you retested vitamin D yet?

£28 postal kit from vitamindtest.org.uk

How much are you taking?

Ferritin, eating liver once a week will help improve results

Have you tried strictly gluten free diet since that test showed you had Hashimoto's



I am taking Vitamin D - Wild Nutrition food grown 25ug (1000iu). I have been taking just over a month and planned to do the test at 3 months.

I am educating myself on the gluten free diet and hope before long to be totally ( vegetarian, so will have to look into further).

I had noticed the FT3 was low but again not sure what I can do about that as I have totally useless doctors.


It can be difficult to get high enough protein and be strictly gluten free (especially if you choose totally grain free) when vegetarian

Ferritin would be difficult, would have to rely on supplements

As you're vegetarian presumably you supplement B12 and folate already

All soya (apart from fermented) needs avoiding with thyroid issues

Would suspect 1000iu Vitamin D is not enough to improve your levels, but best test first. How low was it before you started?

Most with hashi find they need a lot more than that.


Hi there i too have slumps but not as long as you but we are all different and i too have dire ferritin levels and folate is not too bad, i had taking solgars gentle iron and had no effects from this but sadly i dont think i absorbed it too good as doctor said my levels are lower again, i too eat lambs liver once a week and spinach, etc but im celiac aswell so im probably destroying some vitamins? Doc has prescribed iron tablets but i havent started them as i know they are going to affect me badly as i could not take them when pregnant. Im looking at ferragrad c thats meant to be good.😊


Thank you so much. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Will seriously look into increasing Ferritin level.



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