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Periods and t3

I'm due on any day.. Last nights sleep was tossing and turning, I did sleep but wasn't a restful one, I've taken t3 25mcg plus half a 25, but I feel shattered, can being due on effect how t3 works, or could it be that I'm just tired from my poor sleep?

I have extremely heavy periods, and I spend a lot of time in bed sleeping every month.

Not sure what to think really ... Thank you for reading

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Just to add, I was very active yesterday, went for a bike ride, felt good, could i of over done it? It could be the weather for all I know.


Heavy periods seem to be common - they were the bain of my life for years and know only too well just how pants they can make you feel.

Do you know what your iron and ferritin levels are? It's very possible they are low.

Also, I'm beginning to think that anyone who is hypothyroid and has heavy periods, possibly has secondary endocrine issues. In other words they have a malfunctioning pituitary that causes the whole endocrine system, including sex hormones, to malfunction.

Have you had your adrenals tested using the saliva cortisol test?

I personally found that going on the pill for a few months helped, although I had to come off it as I started developing high blood pressure. I don't think they were directly connected and the pill certainly calmed down my periods for a few years.

I also used to find Starflower Oil helpful (evening primrose didn't help).


I waiting for my endo appt, last year I had my pituitary tested but was all normal, he could test again, I will go to

My doctors next week, and get some bloods tested, I did consider the pill but scared, I can only take the mini pill, due to age and other health conditions, I'm also over weight, so I'm worried I would start gaining weight, I'm hoping now I'm taking t3 my weight will start reducing. I've not had a adrenal test done due to the cost, but I shall try the starflower :)


I had to stop taking T3 (only on levo now) as it made me worse. After stopping, I felt better and my heavy periods got better.


I've only been on t3 for almost 4 weeks, my periods have been a nightmare for over 3 years now...


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