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Well thanks to all you lot that helped me with my thyroid issues, I took on your advice and managed to separate the wheat and chaff. My thyroid issue is not now taking over every second of my life. I think I may have found my cure for my individual thyroid issues and hope that you find yours. I would also like to ask if anyone knows of any connection between thyroid and serotonin and dopamine secretions.

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There are lots of websites discussing the gut and serotonin. Am assuming the link with thyroid is the gut - as there are loads of T3 receptors in the lining. Second highest amount after the brain I have read ....




Hello, I don't know about the link between serotonin, dopamine and thyroid. Can I ask why you are intersed?

However, I have, like you, managed to pick ideas for various avenues to explore and managed to achieve some noticeable improvement. I hope I can remain that way. It is not perfect and some times are better than others but ok on the whole. I must say i do fell scared at the thought of slipping back. I hope you and I and others who managed to recover somewhat can hang on to this blessed state!

I alway felt happy to read about someone who improved, alway gave me hope there is a way up and out. Positivity and hope. X


nicotine increases dopamine by upto 30%, (WEBMED.COM/SMOKING-CESSATION/NEWS/20041027/SMOKING-CIGARETTES-AFFECTS-BRAIN-LIKE-HEROIN. Its just that I recently started smoking again after a good few years and I know this is going to sound odd but my lack of focus cleared up after a couple of puffs. So I search for reasons why nicotine makes me feel better than my thyroid meds and came across the above link. I think my thyroid issue was related to lack of brain chemicals. Ive sent my gp an e-mail with what happened after smoking to see if she could recommend a medication which I could take instead of smoking.


Lots of people develop hypothyroidism after giving up smoking. I don't find it at all unlikely that smoking can affect the brain too.


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