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Maybe it is our problems


I want to throw the cat amongst the pigeons here.

Do thyroid issues come from within? I am aware that I never found my voice and voice and thyroid have to be irrevocably interlinked. Both are controlled by the throat chakra. I feel it is no wonder I have thyroid issues.

How many people have breathing issues? Can't find your voice, feeling suffocated? That's me folks, how many of you? How many other issues?

We always think of our body as something we need to dump at the garage for the mechanic to sort out. Mind, body, spirit - all are connected and I am convinced we have to heal internally before anything will happen on the outside.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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It's been known for a long time that emotional stress, trauma, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes in puberty, pregnancy and menopause can trigger thyroid disease and dysfunction.

Goitre and nodules may compress the trachea making breathing and swallowing difficult and slower metabolism may affect heart rate which will also make breathing difficult.

Yes, totally agree. This man will back you up and then some. Smooth muscle is very affected by hypothyroidism and the throat is in that category. Soft palate tends to sag causing both voice and breathing problems.

Yes Linda I think that our intestines need to be healthy for the rest of the body to be healthy. The medical profession always treat the symptoms and not find the cause and treat it. It is the way they are trained. Doctors are mostly very caring and want to help people get well. So yes I believe like you the health comes from within. Eat healthy take probiotics and supplement on vits and minerals it helps.

The way you worded your post does sound a bit as if you feel that you have created your own problem, I really do hope that you do not feel that way.

There is VERY strong evidence that most of the blame can be laid on environmental conditions, we are exposed to chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. We also can be affected by events beyond our control, such as childhood vaccinations, accidents, bereavements.

So while it is true that voice and breathing are affected by hypothyroidism, please take care not to put the cart before the horse and assume cause and effect. Remember, too, that long-term illness creates its own negativity within the sufferer.

I am not dismissing the value of a positive attitude because it can be a great help in coping with an illness, but more than this is needed to heal a body which is being ravaged by an autoimmune disease, or a thyroid which has already been destroyed or surgically removed.

From my own experience, the internal healing started when I had the correct hormones to replace my missing thyroid. I am much more positive and happy now, despite having to have major heart surgery only 8 weeks ago due to a congenital heart defect. it is very clear that when the hormones are out of balance, so is the mind.

Marie xx

PS I was a singer from early childhood, having entered and won a prize for singing for the first time at age 4. I was a music teacher, and trained singer, yet that did not stop my having Graves' which led to a partial thyroidectomy at age 18 and a total at age 36, after which I could no longer sing properly.

greygoose in reply to marram

Totally agree with you, Marie.

I don't know what caused my Hashis, but I'm pretty certain that I've had it since l was a child in 1945 to about 1955, started sometime within that window. In those days there was much less pollution, a virtually no processed food, everything cooked from scratch. So l doubt it was chemicals or a bad gut.

As to finding my voice, l did that at a very early age! stanging up for myself and others, shouting the odds. I've been an actor all my life, both amateur and professional, also been a teacher, loved and feared, always had a big mouth! So, l don't think that could be my problem.

What could it be? Well, l know that just about every female in my family, on both sides, has had it, going back four/five generations - and some of the males - and none of them had their tongues in their pockets, as the French would say. So maybe that has something to do with it... but in no way, shape or form would l blame myself for my disease.

Hidden in reply to greygoose

Yes - I think there must be several sub-sections of hypo, or causes for hypo. One is clearly genetic predisposition, but even there it is possible or probable that an environmental cause links in, as it does in celiac disease - genes plus eating gluten.

Looking at my friend who developed severe Hashi's out of the blue - perfect iron count, no hair loss etc - there might be a category which develops it after some rare and severe viral infection, where the virus mimics some thyroid hormone and the antibodies become confused.

Then surely it is possible, if nuclear radiation can cause thyroid cancer, that lower levels of exposure, especially in childhood, might cause hypothyroidism in some people? Which could account for a lot of people in the US, where testing was wide, and anyone who was a child in the late fifties, espcially in the north of England, when the secret nuclear facility at Sellafield blew.

It may also be that a chronic and persistent lack of nutrients necessary for the thyroid and liver to produce thyroid hormones could produce a hypothyroid state.

But I am quite certain that none of it is in the mind.

VeronV in reply to greygoose

Re your comment about the lack of environmental causes in 1945-55. On the contrary,m there were massive environmentally damaging chemical used frequently then, especially in all aspects of food farming after the war with massive food shortages. Chemicals for killing weeds & unwanted insects were used liberally, most of which are banned now for causing neurological & other disorders, as well as massive environmental damage.

After the war multiple Atom bomb testing put massive amount of radiation & other fallout into the atmosphere -known to cause thyroid problems - see post Chernoble affects. Areas of Britain still banned for food production.

These factors are massively underplayed and even hidden by successive government bodies, but affect many aspects of our health today, as well as in those who grew up in those post war years.

Much of medical research in this country -UK, & in US concentrates on pharmaceutical treatment and cures, and largely ignores causative factors, as the main research is done by commercial companies and university research funding comes largely from commercial sponsorship by same companies.

This same cabal has also driven the overwhelming use of hormone based contraception, without ongoing research into long term affects. "The Pill" was 20 times stronger in its first years in the early 70s. Little true comprehensive research has been done to examine its long term affects on the first generation to use it (I started in 1971). This generation is in its 60s now, and thyroid & other hormone related chronic conditions are epidemic, but downplayed.

So there are a range of genuinely affective "environmental factors".

Will we ever get the truth about the cause of this epidemic?

As a sufferer of thyroid malfunction for 10 years, (only now diagnosed (privately) with Hashimotos's & trying T3) I feel cheated by the whole medical & scientific institution towards which I have spent a lifetime paying taxes.

Sorry for the essay, but after so many years of being sidelined, I needed to communicate these thoughts to a community who will listen.

greygoose in reply to VeronV

You've obviously done your research. But I still Don't feel that any of that applies to me. I'm not trying to be funny, or trying to appear special or anything, but as I said, all the females in my family have it going a long way further back than 1945. I just feel it's inherited.

I know there are so many ways that Hashi's can be triggered but I find it slightly irritating when people say : you have Hashi's because... And especially when they say oh, yes, it's due to leaky gut, end of. It cold be, but then again, it could not.

Linda-57 in reply to marram

I agree absolutely with most of what you say. Environmental conditions affect us enormously - I try to eat well and take supplements and so on. But it is also well known that emotional issues cause stress on the body, and stress stops the immune system from working properly. We very often go down with a cold when we feel stressed.

This is not about pointing a finger of blame or saying "You have thyroid problems and it's all your own fault", nor would I presume to say that because I feel something is true for me it will necessarily be true for you. I am just stating what I feel has had an impact on me.

I am not advocating just having a positive attitude, I feel it is very important to deal with anything emotional that is causing us problems, in whatever way works, so that healing at a deep level can happen. I have been taking time to get help for myself, and to use methods to help myself, and it has been a journey of discovery for me and I do believe I am making progress.

This is very true. I am a Reiki Healer and know that if a person has trouble with expression and or is overstressed for any length of time this can adversely effect the Thyroid.Mind Body and Spirit are all linked.

Linda-57 in reply to Sylvia22

Exactly Sylvia. Mind Body and Spirit just happen to be different forms of energy and you can't separate one from the other.

Marz in reply to Linda-57

...also called the gut - brain axis :-) the Vagus nerve leaves the brain stem and spreads out its tentacles into the stomach and gut....the stimulus goes both ways. I teach yoga and can see that people do feel and look better at the end of class when all the chakras ( each one resonates on an endocrine gland ) are stimulated and balanced....

faith63 in reply to Marz

Marz..can you give me a good source of info on what yoga to do to help? My Chakras must be a mess because everything else is. My stomach is flared up really badly right now.

Thanks so much for the advise.

Marz in reply to faith63

There are so many sources of information for yoga practices. Try searching for Hatha practices on the net - specifically for the thyroid could be a start.

Learning about chakras is also varied and there are so many sources - so again do an internet search - balancing chakras - and see which ones appeal to you..... I have just done that - and there are loads :-)

Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction - in circles - to soothe. Also lie on the floor on the front of your body and inhale deeply. The floor acts as a resistance to the body as it inhales and pushes the abdomen into the floor. Internal bits and pieces get a good massage :-)

I have learnt from the various yoga books I study - and they do all very !

Gargling is good for stimulating the vagus nerve.....we need to ensure the epiglottis still wobbles ! If not then we need to gargle several times a day. Also inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth - at the same time making a noise in your throat which again stimulates the epiglottis. The uiji breath - spelling ??

It's all a very long journey I am afraid - have been studying for years and still lots to learn and put into practice. Have a class this morning so must dash and prepare !!

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Marz

Gosh Marz - that's impressive! I'm off to try lying face down in the floor and do the deep breathing then I'm going to start gargling regularly.

I've tried yoga a few times but I was getting cramp when I did the moves which was annoying. It's strange because I now do Pilates and only rarely get cramp. I know they're not the same but I never figured out why I got so much when I did yoga.

Marz in reply to Fruitandnutcase

...ummm - don't think I can answer that one either. I put my hands one on top of the other then place my forehead on them - to create space for the breathing...when lying face down. It is just one of many things you can do to stimulate the internal bits....forward bends are good too. OMG so much to learn - I don't have enough time left :-)

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Marz

No it's bizarre, all that sunshine, good food and healthy living - hopefully you'll have more than enough time left to enjoy it all 😊

Fruitandnutcase in reply to Marz

Yip the yoga problem is weird. Let's hope with all that Greek sunshine, your healthy eating and your yoga you've got loads of time left to learn😊

PS replied to this already and it just disappeared into the ether so if it pops up again somewhere, it's not that I'm losing my marbles.

Marz in reply to Fruitandnutcase

...glad those glitches happen to others too !

faith63 in reply to Marz

Thank you Marz..just got your message today! Will try it.

I hear what you say Linda but I feel it is more fundamental than that and linked to maternal DNA passed down the ancestral line - low Vit D, B12, etc. the result of poverty, poor nutrition etc.

Linda-57 in reply to Polaris

Yes of course that is a factor too and it runs in my family - but you have ask why every member of a family does not suffer with it.

Polaris in reply to Linda-57

We are all different but, generally some people and women, particularly, have higher demands on their bodies, hormones, nutritional needs, etc, in puberty, pregnancy, menopause, stresses, diets, etc.

Linda-57 in reply to Polaris

A further point occurred to me - science has proven that emotional issues can be passed down in our DNA; mice were subjected to the scent of cherry blossom at the same time as being given an electric shock and they became afraid when they smelt this. This was passed on to further generations. See this link if you haven't read about it:

We are complicated beings and many things impact us. There is no one simple answer.

Polaris in reply to Linda-57

Interesting study but poor mice.... Smell seems to be a very potent sense - all my most vivid childhood memories I find are evoked by various scents.

What jumped out from the article though was :

"Marcus Pembrey at the University of Bristol, UK agrees. "It is high time public-health researchers took human transgenerational responses seriously," he says. "I suspect we will not understand the rise in neuropsychiatric disorders or obesity, diabetes and metabolic disruptions generally, without taking a multigenerational approach."

Hmm....back to Vit B12, D etc.

Linda-57 in reply to Polaris

Complicated ain't it Polaris.

Hello Linda

Great question, thank you!

Whilst I think the answers above are valid, I understand exactly what you're saying. I've not been able to find/use my voice in this life either, and had frequent tonsillitis from an early age and lots of throat problems. Though it may have come from a previous life when apparently I was beheaded for speaking my truth! It might explain why most of the time I want to be invisible. Or it may just be that my mother ingrained in me the necessity of not being seen or heard!

Like you, I believe we have to heal on an emotional and spiritual level to heal the physical. I'm working on it, but meanwhile am very grateful for the NDT to give me enough energy to think about these other things.

I wish you all the very best on your healing journey.


Linda-57 in reply to dina7

Oh - yes, thank goodness for the NDT!

Interesting point about former lives - I believe I was hanged as a witch so as you say there could be that too.

All the best to you too Diana.

Letting Go - The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. is a brilliant read, how holding on to certain thoughts and patterns affects us deeply, how to transform and ultimately lead to healing. I am only half way through the book at the moment and after reading hundreds of knowledgeable books in my time I know this man has a huge rare insight into peeling back the layers that bind us, creating a conscious shift to freeing the resistance that causes dis-ease.

I do appreciate there can be many factors in life that all have a bearing but maybe we would have a greater resistance to ill-health if we learned to really let go.....

Linda-57 in reply to Joyia

I recently got this Joyia and found it very interesting. I also love The Work by Byron Katie where she gets you to question all your thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts shape our world and ultimately our issues with other people are issues with ourselves. Letting go is the ultimate - it's how can you do it is the biggie!

Linda it is good to hear you are aware of Byron Katie, perhaps Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh too? Letting go sounds so simple doesn't it but allowing ourselves to do that......!!

Linda-57 in reply to Joyia

Still a lot to explore - I know of Eckhart Tolle but not the second guy so thanks for the recommendation. I am going to see Byron Katie in Paris next month and very excited!

Joyia in reply to Linda-57

Fantastic Linda, what a wonderful experience.

People ..please realize that this didn't start as a problem with the Thyroid. If you have Hashimotos, you have a problem with your Immune System, which is a very serious thing. I get a little upset when people call it a " thyroid problem" sounds so minimal, but Autoimmune Disease should not be taken lightly for sure.

Would be wise to look at your diet and food allergies.sensitivities too as they inflame the whole body.

I feel like my emotions and mental health improve when my body improves, not the other way around.

Of course that's true. But for instance, I am aware that my eczema flares up when I am feeling stressed and not doing so well mentally.

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