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Hello help wanted please. My Thyroxine has not been making me feel better for a couple of years. Been taking T 3. Against endocrinologist advice and I feel really well and have lost weight. However in recent tests he advises I have high levels of T3 and advises I discontinue use. T4 is 14.0 satisfactory. Tsh 0.01 m u/l. T3 is 16.7pmol/l. Everything else normal incl blood pressure. Is this dangerous to continue to take ? It's the first time I have had energy fir ages. I've been taking 50mcg T3. Thank you. Alex

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  • Do you have the ranges for those results, please?

    Just because your level is a bit high, doesn't mean you have to stop taking it altogether, that's just another bit of endo nonsense. You just lower your dose a bit. But, impossible to say by how much without seeing the ranges for your results.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Where do I find the ranges ? I had just taken my T3 in morning xx

  • The ranges are the numbers in brackets after the results. For example (purely fictional) :

    FT3 4.58 (3.5 - 6.5)

    The range there is 3.5 - 6.5, did you not notice anything like that on your results? We need the ranges, because they vary from lab to lab, according to the machine they use for the analysis.

    What time was the blood taken?

  • No unfortunately the info is not in there. The blood test was around ten. X

  • OK, so if you'd had it at 8.30 am, the TSH would have been higher. And, I imagine you'd had breakfast by then? TSH would have been higher if you'd fasted over-night.

    And, the FT3 would have been lower if you'd not taken your dose that morning. So, all in all, a bit of a useless test. I would wait until you've had another test, done correctly, before changing anything, if I were you.

  • Thank you Ok I will do that

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Alex99,

    If you took T3 before your blood draw that would account for high FT3 as T3 peaks in the blood for up to six hours. If you left more than six hours between T3 dose and blood draw you are very over medicated and should consider reducing dose perhaps by 25mcg.

    High FT3 increases the risks of developing atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis so it is better to keep FT3 within range which is usually <6.8.

  • That's very helpful thank you. I will reduce the dose. I had just taken my T3 that morning yes. The letter seemed that the endocrinologist was very cross at me taking T3. Such a shame as def have felt better on it

  • Alex99,

    It's entirely possible that you don't need to reduce dose at all. Any chance you can order a private FT3 test?

    Doctors don't like patients self medicating especially when results appear to show over medication.

  • Yes I could look into that Terrible that we have to do the private route. Thanks so much for your reply x

  • They have been told not to prescribe T3. Untruths have been told about it, considering it is the Active hormone our body requires.

  • Hi Alex, I take T3 only now. I have tried many different thyroid hormones but T3 works best for me.

    I am also taking the same dose as you but when I go for blood tests for my thyroid hormones I follow this procedure.

    On the morning of a blood test I don't take T3 it till afterwards and therefore my T3 doesn't appear 'high'. A gap of 24 hours should elapse between a dose of thyroid hormones and the test.

    Also it should be a fasting test too but you can drink water. I shall give you a link re T3 which you will find helpful:-


    I take T3 first thing when I awake with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating as food can interfere with the uptake of the hormones..

  • That's very helpful thank you as I have been taking it with food Does it matter what time of day it's taken ?

  • You shouldn't take it with food. You take it one hour before food, or any drink except water, or two hours after eating. It doesn't matter what time of day, just as long as it's on an empty stomach.

  • There are two choices : one on wakening with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating.


    bedtime as long as you've left about 3 hours after eating.

    If having a blood test for thyroid hormones you have to leave about 24 hours between the last dose and the test (if evening dose is chosen you miss this dose and take after blood test and you can take it at bedtime as usual.

  • Great. Bedtime for me then as I have to eat before I go to work and as soon as I wake Doesn't affect sleep as far as you know ?

  • No, it shouldn't affect sleep :) If you don't have a weekly pill-box I'd get one. Fill it up because sometimes we can wonder 'did I take it'. Re empty stomach, if you've had a light meal and not heavy, probably two hours is sufficient to have an empty stomach. Because we are hypo everything has slowed down, digestion as well.

  • That's is very interesting thank you for your reply There is depression In the family I'm not aware of the other things. I know I'm feeling better on T3. I may talk to my gp. She's not great though. Suggested a gastric band as I put on three stone despite eating less than ever before !!

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