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Diagnosed overactive thyroid

Hi I have been diagnosed by phone call from doctor to say my bloods have come back showing overactive thyroid , I have a wait until December for consultancy , doctor advised me to go online and read about the condition and wow!! I had no idea and have not got a clue what all this test and meds is about .

The one thing I do understand are the symptoms are very true to me and I suspect that I have had the condition underlying and have been diagnosed in the past with stress and depression before hand . The day I was so fed up of feeling ill I went to surgery nurse with the symptom of being and feeling sick constantly , I had recently been bit by an insect and thought it was something to do with that , some sort of infection ,the nurse however was more concerned that I had lost A lot of weight since my last well woman check and sent me straight in to the doctor . I have never been a big person anyway and never really weighed myself , but admit that clothes were becoming very loose . And so the result came back and I Have this void to fill until I can get to the bottom of it in December , I am struggling with my energy levels , still losing weight , palpitations and insomnia ,forgetfulness ,lack of concentration -one good thing -the sickness stopped on taking meds for that . Can any one offer advice for the next month or so with any natural or dietary advice ,I'm sure this is just how you felt when you were newly diagnosed . it's so good that there is a great site that can help put thing in perpective 😌It's such a worry x

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I have had an overactive thyroid for over 8 years. I find a wheat free, dairy free diet helps. Also no alcohol until you get sorted. Are you on carbimazole? If you are it only takes a couple of weeks before you start to feel somewhat normal again. All the best.


Read up on this on the Thyroid Uk site and shout out if you don't understand anything. I'm underactive so treated differently but it is a bit scary at first but many here can help you along the way. December seems a long time to wait but in dies give you time to learn a bit about what is happening and why.


Welcome to the group RonnieH. I too was eventually found to have an overactive thyroid - plus antibodies - Graves Disease. Like you I think I'd had it fir a very long time before I was finally diagnosed. I felt like a real hypochondriac as I had so many weird symptoms.

Anyway, you're right, I felt pretty much just like you - I had the most amazing palpitations and could feel my pulse pounding away just by putting my hand on my stomach. Horrid.

The best thing I ever did was discover this site and ThyroidUK I don't think I would have survived without the advice and support I got from it.

I would keep a daily diary if I were you - I did it on'ine but I'm dong another one at the moment for inflammatory arthritis and dong it in a dairy that has a page to a day. I just jotted down odd lines about how I felt - not a lot but enough and I found it really useful when I changed or increased my medicines.

I also had a notebook where I kept all my blood test results and any questions I wanted to ask my endo. I also made not s from here and any interesting articles I found were stuck in there too.

Always get a note of your test results - you are legally entitled to have them. Make sure you get the lab ranges too. Don't be fobbed off by your doctor saying that your results are 'fine' or 'very good', especially if you don't feel too great. They might be fine for his last patient or his next one but they might not be optimal fir you although saying that from my personal experience NHS doctors and endos and even private one from what I've seen on here don't go in for 'fine tuning'. If your results are 'within the range' - how I utterly hate that phrase - then you're fine - even if you don't feel it. So you want your test results and whipping out your notebook shows that you are a force to be reckoned with.

I found it was better not to expect too much when I went to see my endo. I don't know what I was expecting but I generally came away from appointments thinking 'Huh??'

If you can - get your vitamin B12, D, ferritin and folate checked out too because you want them to be high in their ranges to help your thyroid.

If you are taking carbimazole then my pharmacist came out specially and told me to take vitamin C with it so I always took 1000mxg slow release vitamin C +zinc.

I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis a year ago and decided that yet another autoimmune condition was one too many so I went on a totally gluten free diet and I've watched my thyroid antibodies plummet. They're not at zero yet but they have really lowered and I feel very encouraged. So it could be worth doing that. I also eat tons of green veg, lots of fish - just good things. I don't eat 'junk food', fizzy drinks or snack between meals. I'm on low(ish)) carb, high(ish) fat diet, LCHF. Take a look at the website to see the sort of stuff I eat.

I think you just have to realise that you're really not very well and treat yourself kindly. I lost so much weight that I looked good on the outside. Inside I was a wreck.

Don't feel you have to be superwoman, delegate and I'd say generally, do what you want to do, not what you feel you should do. Then just pop on here for support and encouragement from people who know exactly how you feel. My first question on here was 'will I ever feel normal again?' and yes I do - or as normal as I'll ever be, so good luck. ☀️


Thank you for your kind reply , looking forward to feeling "normal " as soon as possible

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I have been in same boat since January.I became very ill,body aches,pain,loosing weight,felt like the flu that wouldn't go away.Then a doctor realized my calcium was to high.Then I wanted answers.Search the internet,and found my thyroid might be causing it.I begged the doctor to test,and found out I had hyperthyroidism.Then I visited a endocrinologist.They run more tests,and want to monitor me for few months.Just went back,and know they have studied my labs for a while.I have primary Hyperthyroidism,and they are doing 2 scannings of thyroids at end of month for blockage/tumor.Over the last 6 month my symptoms have changed around some.Now having chest palpitations and pain.So they are gonna check heart.Apparentley thyroid being hypo or hyper can effect your heart! I'm getting my scans done,and getting second opinion.Ive just been trying to control my calcium being high,low vit D,and magnesium .With supplements.But depending on why your hyperthyroidism can be caused by many factors? Some people just end up on medication to control it,but like me mine stopped working,and has everything out of whack! I've talked and done lots of research.Everyone has said it's a long process to find out what it is caused by.Im gonna be going on year after all my tests and getting more advice from different endocrinologist.It is frustrating not knowing and not feeling good.Just hang in there!


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