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can an overactive thyroid come back?

I was diagnosed a few years ago and was prescribed carbimazole for 18 months. After that time I had tests which said my levels were back to normal. I went for a few blood tests after my treatment but haven't been for a while as I thought I was cured, but lately I have started to go from being depressed to feeling elated, tired, irritable, stressed and very confused in my train of thoughts (like my mind just jumps to one thing or another), periods of where I can't sit down to where I can't be bothered moving and have had moments where my heart races. I was wondering if this could be it coming back?

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice.

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My sister has Graves disease and seems to go through cycles of overactive and underactive.

If you're concerned you should consult your GP.


I've been informed that once you've had a thyroid problem you may relapse after medication has settled your levels. I would get a blood test done if I were you. Good luck x


It most certainly can come back. I had Graves in my teens and had a partial op, all ok for about 30+ years then wham I had Graves again, this time I had to have RAI. I could never stay in remission for very long hence the need for surgery and RAI.

A blood test is your next step, good luck.


Yes, indeed, Reenie. My experience is similar to others.

I had Graves' and a partial thyroidectomy was done at age 18 after 5 years on and off carbimazole, which seemed to settle me each time but then it kept coming back.

After that I was OK for about 12 years and then hyper again, total thyroidectomy at age 36.

On thyroxine ever since. I'm pretty good so long as I am on a high enough dose of Thyroxine - 150 is quite good but I think 175 would have been better but never been able to try it.

Apparently it IS quite common for a relapse after Carbimazole. Your symptoms certainly sound like it. Best to get it checked because you can't go too long feeling the way you do.

All the best, Marie XXX


Thanks everyone. I'll get the tests done. Xxx


Yes, it can return.

I had an operation in 1969 for hyperthyroid and had RAI in 2004 when the condition returned.


Yes it can and since you have had it they shld be regularly testing you in any case. Mine went away for years then was only ediscovered due to my regular test :)


Yes it comes back in the majority of cases or your thyroid can burn out and then you can become underactive instead. It is because your hyperactivity is most likely caused by an immune disease such as Graves or Hashimotos.


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