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Verdict given today!

Verdict given today!

I had most interesting discussion with my functional medicine doctor today.

She found out that I an allergic to milk protein and suffer from chronic stress (because the milk protein takes it toll on my body and stresses it further in addition to emotional stress).

So, from today on I will be milk free and also gluten free. I need some advise what to eat, but I must get it here in Finland, because I eat these local products.

In addition, she said she suspects me to be near tired adrenals; my DHEAS is low and she prescribed a Dhea-med to start immediately.

As for thyroid problems, she said FT3 is fine, but FT4 needs to be higher. However, no thyroid meds are needed now. She assumed the T4-hormone will raise after starting the Dhea product and cutting milk out of my diet.

Ferritine levels could be higher she said, but they are sufficient now that I am not exercising. As for sex hormones, she said they can be tested but she recommended sage products available at naturopathy health stores to reduce the sweating. She also said that maybe my body tries to get rid of milk protein by sweating and constant peeing. All this makes sense and I am willing to try and follow her guidelines for better health. Feel blessed at the moment!

I am not a heavy user of milk, but here in Finland milk is considered as a base for a diet. They put milk in almost all basic dishes, in coffee and even in alcohol (have you ever come across a drink called "The White Russian"? It is milk and vodka! Ew! Yack!).

I have no signs of silent inflammation which is good news.

The plan is to carry on milk free, taking the DHEA daily and letting my doctor know how I feel. Tests can be done in December again, but if I happen to feel any worse (there is a possibility that DHEA may not be suitable...!) I can contact her.

And for stomach cramps she recommended a hydrochloric acid product (for testing first with apple vinegar). Sounds good enough. I am pleased and for the 1st time I think my money was not wasted!

Now I just have to make a diet plan: milk free and gluten free as I have no intention to go hungry and raise my body´s stress levels further! There is milk free chocolate, for example and I can eat most of my favorite proteins such as chicken, beef, eggs and fish. I think I can find a milk and gluten free bread as well. And I think I have a recipe for a bread like that if I should get interested in baking my own bread.

This is my temporary solution (phase one) from now on and I hope it works well. If it does not, then it is time to enter phase two, three, four...

Thank you all for reading this. I wish every sufferer here can find a solution to help them further towards the goal: good health!



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Hi autumnchill this all sounds very sensible to me and very much working with your body. I would be interested to know how you get on with the DHEA supplement as mine are very. low. I look forward to the next instalment of your 'story'.

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I have been dairy free for years. I use almond , oat and coconut milk/cream. Easy to find from any finnish grocery store.

Soy cream , unfortunately, is the best substitute for cooking, get really creamy and rich sauce from it. Almond cream works as good but you can only get that from Ruohonjuuri. That almond cream is also delicious with coffee, oh yum yum!

Cheese is the tricky one as only cheese substitute I know is made of soy, but if it is fermented then it should be fine. Have not tried it.

Gluten free bread is mostly rubbish and awful but bakery called Vuohela makes so good bread. Rye is replaced with buckwheat so one can get perfect dark bread as well. They have a lot of different products but can be hard to find, usually in the freezer. Carrot/oat bread from Sunnuntai if I remember the brand correct is worth to try as well. In the freezer too. Most other brands you can just skip as the bread is like the bottom of the shoe. Awful.

Flour I buy straight from the farm like Virtasalmen viljatuote . They have wide selection of gf stuff and it is cheaper than in grocery store.

I hope this helps :) there are lot of different products for you to try to find what works for you. Here in finland we have wide selection of gf and dairy free products.


Many many thanks, Justiina! I am just learning about available milk free and gluten free products. So happy the doctor detected this allergy -in fact it took just one blood test, but no normal GP would have thought about the possibility of such an allergy, let alone bothered to order a blood test.

Today I feel I am going to survive after all.



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It's quite common normal gp's say that adults don't have allergies and deny testing.

Any allergy can tax your adrenal glands so it's nice your doctor knows about these things!

B12 deficiency can cause sweating and constant peeing. Deficiency can be linked to allergies as you are not absorbing nutrients and vitamin.


We have wonderful goat cheeses in the US. I am also allergic to milk protein so haven't consumed it for many years but I make great dishes with goat cheese.

Good luck in your quest for good health and lucky you, you have a great doctor who cares!

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My B 12 was a little low so I am taking the sub-lingual tablets (if I remember...!).

->This leads me to another problem: how on earth am I going to remember all the supplements I am supposed to have? Magnesium, zinc, B 12, vitamins C and D, folate, selenium, E-EPA oil capsules, biotin, dhea, iron (liquid), possibly hydrochloric acid... I cannot even remember all.

A pill dispenser is of no use as the tablets are XXXL in least magnesium and vitamin C are. And these tablets should n´t be taken all at once since it´s a sure way to get a stomach cramping and nausea! Must have a toilet nearby or else...

Do you, Justiina, have a solution for my prob? Anybody else? I totally forgot to ask the doctor about this!

Thankful, AChill


For pills, I use an Anabox, which has five quite large compartments. Perhaps not too good when travelling -- it's best to leave prescription pills in their foil/plastic wrapper, within the Anabox.

You may be OK with A2 milk, if it's available to you.

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Unfortunately finland seems to be the only country where 98% of cows are producing A1. This has been criticised. A2 you only get from some farms. So you basically have to go and drink it there.

But with protein allergy I don't know if the type of casein matters.


L-glutamine i take first half hour before breakfast.

I take d, K2 and mag with lunch. Tho my mag is spray.

B12 I take whenever I remember, usually before dinner /while cooking it. But sometimes just before bedtime as it gives me good sleep. I have that as a spray as well. That is easier to carry around as tablets you are not supposed to take out of the jar before using them as b12 can't handle light.

Selenium I take with evening snack. But that I take as brazilian nuts. Confirmed by urine test that it raised my selenium levels so the brand I buy from Lidl contains enough selenium.

Zinc the last thing before falling asleep so it can slowly digest during the night. Probiotic too if I take them.

So you see I have a routine and everything is like automatic lol but been doing this for some time. But it helps to remember to take supps when they sort of belong to each meal.


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