Which Thyroid UK recommended doctor/endo? Dr Bernard Willis?


Has anybody got any good experiences of Dr Willis? From the limited feedback here I sense he is well liked. Is there anybody else that people recommend aside from Dr Peatfield?

Please send a PM with your experiences I will be very grateful. I am hypothyroid and on 75mcg of thyroxine but a recent non-NHS blood test shows that my TG is 221 and TPO is 155 and I have terrible symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, extreme cold, heavy periods, brittle nails, etc the list goes on.


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  • Interestingly, I've seen him here in New Zealand a few years ago! My friend also saw him, and we had the same experience: sometimes he was really engaged and willing to take the time. Then other times, he was abrupt and curt. I'm not sure if he was sometimes overbooked? I don't know, but when he was engaged, he did seem to be quite knowledgeable.

  • Thanks for your opinion. Is there somebody else you can recommend? Anybody? I'm really desperate.

  • Sorry, I wasn't saying that I wouldn't recommend him. He did seem to know his stuff, but maybe his bedside manner suffers a bit. And even that, I'm not sure if it's him or maybe a scheduling issue? He ran quite a few tests which I found helpful. But I was a bit shocked when he was gruff and wish I had been prepared for it :-)

  • He is cool. Ive been having consultations with him. So far maybe 3 or 4. He knows his stuff but doesn't come cheap. Every consultation is 150. He put me on NDT. Am I Feeling great? Not yet. I was good then feeling a bit rubbish and fatigued and incredibly forgetfull. To the point that I'm annoyed with myself. Forgetting everything. Brain no working. My hopes are that once I raise NDT to adequately it'll be OK. Also he put me on natural progesterone and testosterone ad mine was low. I'm happy with him so far. Just need to be patient. Also do a lot of your own reading on diet supplements ets because he won't tell you absolutely everything. I think he expects us to do our homework :-).

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