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Hi I am looking for a holistic doctor to treat hypothyroidism with "normal" test results on Thyroxine, and came across Dr Willis who practises privately in London. Please can anyone PM me feedback about him and if he made you better? If he medicated, do you have to get it all through him or did you persuade your GP to prescribe? Thanks

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  • Hey if you have any feed back about dr Willis would you mind our ate messaging me. I would also love to know what people think about him. Thanks. 😄

  • I found these reviews from when he worked in NZ


  • thanks so much will check them out tomo.. :)

  • Hi did anyone see this Dr? I am looking for a new endo.

  • Can you please let me know your thoughts as I'm thinking about seeing him?

  • Alocinenaj,

    Doctors can't be discussed on the forum so you should send Hypofat a private message to ask for feedback.

    To send a private message support.healthunlocked.com/...

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