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Ordering Synthroid from New Zealand

Hi Everyone,

I placed an order yesterday for Synthroid from New Zealand and the order confirmation came through and said that I can either take the form to my bank or to my favourite money transfer service. On the form is specifically asks to send the payment in GBP and 'not to convert'. Last night, I went along to my local Tesco store and thought I would see if I could pay by MoneyGram as I had done a calculation online and it was only going to cost £4.50 to send over the £24.18 for my order. I got to the store and the lady there checked and confirmed that it would cost £4.50. That was great, however, MoneyGram would not allow the payment to be sent in GBP, and converted it into New Zealand Dollars. I was then advised to go along to my bank, which I did today as it was open. When I got to the bank, I asked what the bank charge would be the other end, but the assistant did not know. She signposted me to the online facility at the bank and said to call her over when I reached the currency part. Anyway, I did not get that far because on the form I had, there was no postcode - and as that bit had a red asterik next to it, it would not allow me to go further to check if the payment could be sent in GBP, and not convert to Dollars.

I would prefer to pay by MoneyGram but the other issue that Tesco gave was that there is no first name and surname for the receipient, only a company name, and whoever is collecting the payment would need to take proof of ID, so Tesco were unsure of how this could be overcome.

Please could anyone advise?


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Why would they not accept a Credit Card Payment? Unless, of course, you don't have one :)


I have a credit card with my bank, however, on their site the only credit card they take is American Express. Mine is just a HSBC credit card which they wont accept. I have just tried to make the payment by OrbitRemit, but they will not accept the account number for the New Zealand bank. The New Zealand bank account is in GBP and has 10 numbers, but there are more spaces for numbers on the OrbitRemit site when I input the recipienct, so it will not accept the bank acc no I try to input. Also, when I go into payment, like MoneyGram it automatically converts to New Zealand Dollars and there is no option to not convert. I am not having much luck with this :-( grr


Maybe there is another source you could try as Synthroid is another name for levothyroxine. Put up a new post asking for a private message re alternative companies.


Thanks for your replies and help with this. All sorted now :-). Payment all gone through via OrbitRemit and no banking charges, so am really pleased with that. Very convenient and all done online. Just wait for my order to arrive now (and free postage) x


Well done. It will be like Christmas :)

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Someone has kindly PM'd me, and now I can see where there is a missing link in me making the payment. Have emailled the supplier and waiting for them to email me back (may take a day or two due to time difference and it being the weekend). Once they have emailled me back, I'll know what to do :-). Although, I do have a few alternative companies that I can try if this doesnt work


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