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Interesting & sympathetic research

This article shows that symptoms are not in the head! Research suggests that better forms of Levothyroxine need to be found. Also recommends that doctors talk to patients differently about their thyroid conditions, recognising the increased likelihood of depression, weight gain and cardiovascular effects rather than being dismissive.

Personally, I would have liked to have been told about this before thyroid surgery rather than being treated unsympathetically afterwards.

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"Doctors should be telling their patients, 'I'm going to normalize your TSH, but you're going to be at a higher risk for gaining weight, experiencing depression and fatigue. It is also more likely that your cholesterol will go up.'

Garbage! Normalising TSH is WHY some patients experience those symptoms. Optimising FT4 and FT3 levels should mean patients will mostly be symptom free.


Yes, that's a good point Clutter. The trouble is that they won't test our FT3 levels and perhaps doctors shouldn't be normalising TSH levels but if they do take that route then people do get symptoms and then they are impatient, dismissive and unsympathetic on the whole. I don't know any doctors who take the route of nomalising FT4 and FT3 and most CCG's don't allow it so where does that leave the vast majority?


One of our scientists/researchers and team had a paper accepted which said that many need the addition of T3 (or words to that effect).

The problem is that the BTA and RCoP rarely take notice and go their own way insisting levo is superior but those of us who've recovered their health by not taking levo have a different slant on thyroid hormones. Doctors don't listen to patients and prescribe anything other than a decent thyroid hormones.

NDT has been used successfully since 1892 in different forms but they have believed Big Pharma that NDT is inferior in order to promote their sales of levo and also with monetary rewards (in USA) were successful and now levo worldwide is the Endos preference. Plus all the extras i.e. pain relief, insomnia, antacids, depression etc etc.


I do not understand why the numbskulls cannot understand that if a healthy thyroid produces T3 and T4 then surely medication needs to include T3 and T4 when your thyroid is failing or atrophied altogether!


Because they're numbskulls, perhaps? They're just not interested, that's the problem.


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