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Related conditions?

Hi there, again. I got so much information reading this and the other thyroid site, that I am enlightened!

To make a long story short: I never thought that stomach cramping and pain, internal bloating and gas plus constipation could be intertwined with thyroid functions! I am looking for comments from someone having similar problems or/and knowledge of these symptoms:

-stomach ache and cramps; before eating and after eating (my diet is gluten-free, but it does not help)

-constipation as a rule, sometimes diarrhea (never "normal" bowel function)

-fatigue, headaches, joint and muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, sometimes blurred vision, pains on the left side of limbs (carpal tunnel syndrome, leg pain, arm & shoulder pain worse on the left)

-coarse and thinning hair, fingernails with "lines", cracked skin on my heels

-always hungry, dreaming of food!!! Gained lot of weight during last year. Willing to exercise but sweating and weakness makes exercising impossible (and when I do exercise, I have to rest the next two days and feel worse)

-sensitivity to heat

-eyes sensitive to light: dry eyes but get watery outside (especially in windy weather)

-problems have existed since 2004, after giving birth to a baby boy (3rd pregnancy and the worst!). I had diabetes during pregnancy and gained lot of weight.

I posted my bloodwork results earlier (low TSH, low FT4, low ferritin...) and I am trying to get more tests done. I assume I have no stomach acids at all!

-I am suspecting central hypo myself and hope to have MRI done in addition to more accurate blood tests

-current life includes lots of stressors: marital problems, teenagers at home, financial problems, lack of understanding from family and name it.

-Unemployed because of fatigue and brain fog; got sacked in April 2016 from a permanent position because I could not keep up with the demands of my work. This was followed by a law suit which I "won": I settled with 3 months pay because I wanted to avoid extra stress

-I sincerely hope this all is readable: I am not a native English speaker!

Now I just barely exist: I am in a situation where all my energy (what is energy?) goes to trying hard to act "normal" -not a success as you can guess! I try to rest as much as possible when alone. I have been in a situation where I considered dying an option. I could never commit a suicide, though!

I try to think I am not the only one suffering and that someday, somewhere there will be a cure. At least I do not have cancer! But this all has taken its toll on me and it is so hard to explain my condition without a proper diagnosis! I have visited numerous doctors but no-one can see the whole picture. I put all my hope on this new doctor in another town! Thank you for reading this.

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Hi autumnchill,

I'm sad to read your post. Apart from your ill health , you are experiencing a lot of extra issues that must be so hard to deal with.

My thoughts are with you, and hopefully your life will change for the better. (((X)))

J 🍀

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I have the same symptoms as you and also had to give up work in April this year. I have self treated thyroid and b12 and feel a bit better but believe I also have adrenal problems. I am being tested for Addison's disease next week as I have low cortisol.

I am also trying symprove probiotic drink so will let you know if that helps my tummy.

It's so difficult when you don't really know what the problem is and you just want to feel normal.

Ask for more blood tests to check cortisol and thyroid and address low b12...self treat if necessary and get copies of blood tests.

Good luck X


Are you on any thyroid medication?

I suggest you get comprehensive bloods done.

Complete thyroid check (must check antibodies for Hashimotos thyroditis)

Folate, ferritin, but D, B12

You sound like you have thyroid issues but I'd also guess at a B12 and vit D deficienciy and maybe some others. A lot of your symptoms point to B12

Your adrenals I'm guessing are also seriously fatigued. Get your cortisol checked. Don't let Drs fob you off insist on these checks and stress you are at your wits end. Tell them You will hold them responsible for your break down if they don't do proper tests, that may work.

Otherwise there are private testing companies like bluehorizonmedicals but they are expensive.

Are you on any thyroid meds? Supplements?

Post any blood results on here for people to look at for you.

My heart goes out to you, I was in the same state when my children were teenagers (not fun) was years until I found this site and started to get better.

Things will get better!

You in the U.K.?


Hi. I had a lot of those symptoms and for several years my GP just told me he didn't know what was wrong, come back if it gets any worse. After about 7 years of this I was lucky enough to go back when he was on holiday and saw his locum, who diagnosed me as hypo the first time she saw me. I was put on levothyroxine and all the symptoms went away.

I used to oscillate between constipation and diarrhoea, was in permanent discomfort, especially after eating, and felt bloated most of the time.

The pain in my Achilles was constant, though not enough to impact on my life until last year. Four years ago my GP had stopped prescribing levo (I was cured, apparently, and no longer needed it!) and then just refused to accept there was anything wrong with my thyroid as I gradually got worse and worse and worse. With me it was the right hand side which was worst - I reached a point where I couldn't turn taps, open doors or windows, use a knife, in fact pretty much anything, which involved turning my right arm due to the pain. When I shaved my right elbow would seize up and I'd have to walk round with my arm bent for a couple of hours before I could straighten it out again.

I'm constantly hungry, even after eating, I'm sensitive to light and temperature extremes. Heat is worse than cold, but the cold makes my shins itch and if it's cold enough they come out in lumps.

I've always been sensitive to light and last year I developed double and blurred vision, which wasn't nice at all, and as soon as I get into the cold or wind, or both, I look like I'm crying!

I used to get cracked skin on my heels and the skin on my forehead was so dry it would crack and/or flake off. It was also painful to the touch and itchy at the same time.

So yes, a lot of your symptoms match mine, though being a man my problems weren't triggered by childbirth. My TSH was 9.5 in a morning test, 4.5 in an afternoon test, so always make sure you have an early appointment when you go for blood tests, even if you have to lie and say that's the only time you can get in due to work or childcare commitments. Also, I have an undersctive thyroid - high TSH, low T4 - but your previous post suggests you are the other way - low TSH, high T4. I'm not a doctor and can only relate to the symptoms you're experiencing, not the cause or cure, but I would suggest you request another test and have it first thing in the morning. There's someone in my running club who has similar symptoms and she has an overactive thyroid. Based on what my new GP and the optician have told me I imagine it's quite common for hypo and hyper to have similar symptoms as some of mine (eye problems, mainly) are usually (but not exclusively) associated with hyper, not hypo.

I had to change GP to be put back on levo, and so far as I'm concerned my new GP has saved my life as I felt so ill last year I thought there was a chance I might not wake up in the morning. My previous GP was trying to kill me with his incompetence, in my opinion.


Well I am sorry to hear about all that you are having to deal with. I know that stress makes symptoms worse. I had constipation, my jtoes and finger joints hurt, ankles hurt, always tired, intense brain fog, craked heels, thinning hair at the scalp (i have dreadlocks so the hair never really actually falls too far). I was very weak as well so that I wouldn't take a bath because it was too difficult to pull up from the tub, couldn't open bottles or jars, vertrigo so that if i went down my front steps my body would just keep going and had a hard time righting itself...nauseau from the vertigo. Luckily I only had this severity of symptoms for a few months as my doc had been talking with me about hypo and we had been watching blood tests rather closely. However, there was a huge spike after I had a sinus infection and everything flared up. Stress level was huge at this time as well . I know it can and will get better. Let us know how it goes.


Thank you Jose651, Kellyjam, Katepots, Achilles_Pain and ohm1 for your symphaty and advise.

I forgot to mention one symptom more: lower back pain, which is so bad at times that I cannot sleep. For that I usually take painkillers; they just hide the worst pain so I can get out of bed.

It is really hard to remember all the odd symptoms! And -does anyone know why I never get temperature (fever)? I might be very sick with the flu and others get fever and thus get cured easier, but my colds hang on and on. The same goes to blood pressure. I have very low BP but when exercising, the pressure goes down when it should rise (this was proved when I had to take the cardio test last year). They just told me to stop moving because they were afraid I would faint/collapse. But then: nothing organically wrong with me!

I was tested 9/2016 also for B12, which was 363 (range 180-700) so I guess that´s ok. Ferritin is low, but as it is within the range (9-34), nobody cares.

I really H-A-T-E going to the docs because they always expect I have only one complaint. When I see the same doc for a 2nd time, he/she usually asks (cheerfully) "And are we better?" Well, may the doctor is, but I am not!

I have been sent to a shrink, who did not listen or understand. He only started to listen when I admitted being depressed. Then I made a mistake and told him about mood swings. He was ready to diagnose bipolar disorder and offer Lithium. I tried SSRI´s for 6 months (Seronil), but they actually made me feel worse. When I reported this to the doctor, he said well, you are a difficult patient. He also suspected that I did not take Seronil as he advised! Well, talk about good doctor-patient relationships, with no mutual trust whatsoever!

Blessed the day when someone will take the time and effort to see what´s wrong! Here in Finland you have to have loads of money to buy "doctor time" but even that cannot guarantee you´ll be HEARD and taken SERIOUSLY. Been there, wasting my money.

Yes I have thought about threathening my NHS (health centres here) doc with an ultimatum (a law suit?) if she refuses to treat/test me. I am not a bad tempered person at all and I feel lousy being nasty to other human beings. But even I have my limits!

I take vit D, B12, magnesium, zinc, folate and vit c as supplements. I also bought L-tyrosine but haven´t used that very long so it is hard to say anything about it. And I think my T4V is at the lower end of range with the value 11.5 (10-21).

Thank you in advance for your kind answers and comments!


Hi autumnchill,

Your Vit B12 could do with being much higher, what are you supplementing with and how much daily.


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Replying to myself (!). I forgot one symptom (again, where did I put my keys my bag my brain :)?) It´s hypoglychemia ->not spelled right ?.

I mean low blood sugar attacks unexpected. I try to eat a little and often, but somehow I get these attacks. Anyone else with the same problem related to possible thyroid problems?

Sorry for my "Moomin" English -I don´t bother to look for words!!! But words fail me to tell you how lousy I really feel...


Hi Jose651!

Thank you for answering. I think I get enough B12 but the problem MAY be in my gut -no absorption!

I take about 50 micrograms daily, it is a finnish product said to be good quality vitamin B12. From the international brands I have liked Solgar products. What do u think I should take?


I would suggest that you have a look at PAS forum within HealthUnlocked.

That is Pernicious Anemia Society. Read over the posts from members and look at the symptoms of B12 deficiency and gut issues.

Autumnchill, I am a member of both these fora and the help I have got by asking questions and reading posts has helped me tremendously in getting my health much better.

Lots of us take anything between 1000 mcg - 5000mcg daily.

J 🍀

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You might need a sublingual form of B12 so it is absorbed from under the tongue, and bypasses the digestive system. Often if we have thyroid problems we can have low B12 too.

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Hi I have same stomach issues. Am also hypothyroid. Tried everything to no avail. Recently read on line that drinking hot lemon water 1st thing in morning helps. Well wasn't expecting much but it has helped me with constipation tried everything else and this worked. I also drink lemon water throughout the day. Also you need to be on optimal thyroid hormone. Have b12 vitamin d folate and iron checked as these need to be optimal too not just within the range. Hope you feel better.

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You have many, many, many symptoms of low adrenal functioning. And low thyroid probably, as well. I would find a Dr. willing to do the tests.

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