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Many people don't realise that their thyroid illness is caused by Lyme Disease and/or other chronic infections. Please vote for this wonderful group which is raising awareness of Lyme Disease. It was started and is run by two victims of the disease, one of whom was treated for thyroid illness for many years before discovering that she had Lyme Disease. The more votes received and the the more likely it is that the profile of Lyme Disease and its life changing effects will be raised.

Thank you. Jane x

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  • I'm sorry but I don't understand your connection to thyroid.

    I do believe there's more the medical world should be doing

    lyme disease? Is that not flee bites ?

    I'm on levothyroxine.but why is it one tablet.

    the docs say no other reason can cause same problems?

    why wont they look for causes.there must be more answers out there.

    .im sick of being sick while takeing levothyroxin. And all its constant side effects.


  • I'm so sorry that you are not getting better on Levothyroxine. Some people do, but many others have to look either for other thyroid replacement or for something else that is causing their thyroid dysfunction. My daughter was on thyroid and adrenal replacement for many years as well as countless vitamins and minerals that were recommended by various private thyroid doctors in the UK and Europe. These did not get her better - in fact she became steadily more and more ill. She now sees a doctor in California who has identified several chronic infections including Lyme Disease, and she is getting better. These infections cause inflammation which affects thyroid function. We don't know what caused her Lyme Disease, but it is usually caused by a tick bite. Unfortunately doctors in the UK, including thyroid specialists, refuse to acknowledge the life changing problems, including thyroid dysfunction, caused by chronic infections even when they are presented with test results and letters from US experts. It is left to individuals to seek out a doctor who knows what they are doing to help them, and these are usually to be found outside the UK. I can P M you more details if you are interested. Jane x

  • hi janeb15

    where are you.UK ?

    I'm stuck.ive just lost my job. ( gave it up with thyroid depression and horrendous sideefects of levo ) just couldn't cope 14 weeks on sick.

    still feel crapy.


    trouble with doctor.have cut my levothyroxin down.i do believe its making me ill.

    bloods surprisingly ok.

    so I'm broke.if I could afford to go elsewhere I would.

    hope your daughter finds things working out for her

    take care 😊

    I have voted on the link

  • Yes I'm in the UK. I'm so sorry about your job. Thank you for voting. Jane x

  • Thinlizzy54 - you need to take charge of your health and fully appreciate that sound daunting. If you can afford £50 for a copy of all of your medical records it would be money worth spent. If you can't afford this then you can view them at your surgery without charge. Nothing to stop you making notes obviously. Link:

    Once you've received these results start a new post so members an comment on them.

    Many of us are having to help ourselves by learning about this condition having been failed by the NHS.

    Please keep us updated.

  • Done.

  • Do you think there is a link Grey Goose?

  • Between Lyme and thyroid? I think it very likely, yes. But even if there isn't, Lyme is a disease that needs to be taken more seriously by the medical profession.

  • I agree, but I'm guessing in the UK they don't feel we are exposed to that sort of tick... I don't have animals and I don't really roam the country side, as I have hey fever... So, I've never considered it... Although, I've been to Florida, New York and Philly a few times and was bitten (I'm always bitten here too)... The red bullseye 🎯 thing I get and they've grown to gob stopper size and even though the bite bit goes, the red bullseye 🎯 stays sometimes for years on my legs!! I once put my symptoms in Google and it said Lyme too... The guy from Phones4U has it and paid fortunes to have it diagnosed over here... Interesting GG and Janeb15 😊

  • scorpiojo, I have read a large number of articles by doctors and organisations in the US as a result of my daughter having Lyme disease, and they all agree that it can have a very profound impact on numerous of the body's organs and systems including thyroid function. Whilst attending my daughter's clinic it has also come to my attention that most of the patients there are on thyroid replacement, either before or after starting their treatment for Lyme.

  • Got through to the Lymes Disease page gg, but cannot find the link to actually vote. No doubt looking too hard. :(

  • You have to scroll down a bit, and it's just before the video. It's a square box and says 'endorse me now', on a purple button that you click. :)

  • Many thanks gg, 'Endorse me now' I over looked, tell me to 'sign here' and I understand Lol! :) :)

  • lol Yes, funny way to put it.

  • Signed & Delivered


  • Done.

  • I have endorsed this janeb15 .

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