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Weight loss


Recently diagnosed as sub clinical hypothyroid. Have been given 25mg Levo starter dose which I am yet to start (checking adrenals first).

Have started a gluten free diet (2 weeks now) and I am feeling better for it already unless that's in my head?!! Started supplements now - Vit D, Selenium, Natural Calm Magnesium and will start other things over next few weeks slowly.

Has anyone noticed weight loss due being Hypo? Is it my hyper swing causing it. I've been quite overweight for a long time and couldn't shift it but recently I have lost half a stone in a relatively short time.

What could have triggered weight loss? Going gluten free?


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Hi yes, when I went GF I noticed a weight loss. Not that I needed to lose it but I think having to be very careful what I ate and checking labels etc made me cautious as I needed to heal my gut. Also it stopped me snacking and eating stuff I shouldn't ( Grand daughters cheddars!!) I find going GF very easy and definately worth the difference it has made to my health. I've just started on a 25mcg dose (I have Hashi's ) and I am feeling quite a lot better.

So yes, I think going GF has helped your weight loss.

Good luck!


Thanks Greenfairy - Yep, have stopped snacking as well. Wish I'd gone Gluten free years ago!

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Sadly I didn't lose any weight when gf but others do, either because of diet restriction or your preferences may change (if you love wheat-based foods and don't enjoy the alternatives) or if you start cooking for yourself more etc. For some people I think there is an inflammation response and if your gut has been inflamed the bloat may reduce once it calms down. Maybe one of your changes has allowed you to lost fluid, which would account for the swift loss.

Good luck w your health improvements!


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