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Blood results t3

Blood results t3

I was diagnosed in 1999 and was taking thyroxine until this year, I'm now taking NDT and have been since May. Went to the doctors last week and explained all to them. I've been really lucky to have a doctor who, although she has said she knows nothing about NDT has agreed to check my levels. I went for my blood results today and she's told me I'm slightly over medicating. I had thought so as my pulse has been around 80-85 for the last few weeks. I'd gradually worked up to 3 grains but lowered back down to 2.5 spread over 3 doses a day for the past couple of weeks. Can anyone help with advice on what I should lower to now? Don't know what I'd do without the info and advice on here!!!! Thanks

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I would have lowered by 1/4 rather than a half but if you feel o.k. then stay at the dose you're on. Doctors have been told it's dangerous for us to have a suppressed TSH but people who have had thyroid cancer have to have it suppressed and they appear o.k.

This link may be helpful but its good your doctor is co-operating with NDT.

Due to the rumours that the Association in the UK state about NDT Dr Lowe did this Rebuttal and your doctor may like to read it too.

Did you allow 24 hours between your last dose of NDT and the test and was it fasting and the earliest possible. If not it would skew the results.

(I am not medically qualified and have hypothyridism)

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You are lucky to have an open minded doctor as the TSH is often low when we medicate T3 (found in NDT) and alarms doctors who like us to stay within range. It is thought the pituitary senses the T3 thyroid hormone in the body so reduces secretion of TSH. T4 levels are not so important when medicating T3 and often low.

T3 levels are over range indicating over medication but this depends on how quickly you had the blood drawn after medicating T3. If you feel over medicated, then reducing would be prudent because elevated T3 can be damaging and alter a lot of other hormone levels.

Spreading the dose over the course of the day is good as will reduce the rapidity of onset and prolong the duration of T3's action.

Have you had Vit B12, Vit D folate and ferritin tested ? ? ...


Thanks for your help guys, I had left about 10 hours between my last dose, had it at 11 at night and blood tests were at 9 the next morning. My doctor did seem very worried about the tsh being so low but said to go away and do what I thought I needed to with doses and go back in six weeks. I feel very lucky to have found one that is open to trying this and monitoring for me. I haven't had b12 etc tested this time, didn't think to ask while I was there - I think I was just so shocked she had agreed to check the t3! I do use b12 spray but find it hard to fit in iron with the NDT doses.


It depends on HOW YOU FEEL not numbers.


Thanks Glynisrose, I feel so much better than I did on Thyroxine. My heart races a bit sometimes but apart from that I feel me again!


Hi I have just started NDT in June this year. I gradually increased to 3 grains per day in two doses, but I noticed that I was very hot and going to the loo twice daily which was wrong for me also losing too much weight. My FT3 levels were over the limit. I decreased gradually to 2 grains per day again in two doses. I feel good. It takes several months of adjustment to get your dose how you want it. Good luck.


Thanks Bunnyjean. I'm definitely feeling a LOT better than I was on Thyroxine. I've lowered to 2 1/4 grains will see how it goes. Glad you're feeling better! X


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