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Had appointment with endo 26/9/2016 have Graves was diagnosed 2011.

Refused RAI my levels have been up and down until December 2015. Consultant stopped Carbimazole December 2015. Have seen many different endos.

My last appt was told am in remission and to see my GP every 6 months as have relapsed before. Asked what my levels were, usually he would write them down for me, he just kept saying they were normal.

Have since found out that even though consultant asked for TSH T4 and T3 levels the lab only did TSH which was 3.58 range 0.50-5.0.

My GP surgery received letter from consultant in two days, never been known before,

Usually takes three weeks couldn't wait to get me off his register!!!!!

Point of post is I don't feel right could I possibly be hypothyroid.

Any comments much appreciated.


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TSH 3.58 is high enough to feel hypothyroid. How long since you stopped taking Carbimazole?


Hi Clutter

Thank you for reply stopped Carbimazole December 2015.




It looks like you are now becoming hypothyroid. Unfortunately NHS is unlikely to make a diagnosis and commence Levothyroxine until TSH is >5.0.



Thanks Clutter have heard that before.


Same scenario as me. Graves/Carbimazole/remission/levels dropping ever since/hypo symptoms.

GP put me on 25mcg Levo, then raised to 50mcg, now awaiting another blood test.

Its unusual for Lab not to test FT3 when you have Graves. Your GP needs to test TSH, FT3 & FT4 to see what is going on, but looks like you have gone hypo.

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Hi Silver_Fairy

I agree is unusual for the lab not to test t3 t4, they always have until the last 2 blood tests. Think they are a law unto themselves even when asked by consultant to test them. Thank you for your comments much appreciated. Will go and see my GP as we have a Greek GP and he was very concerned about my graves when I went to see him about something else, the only GP that has ever shown an interest. It is a roller coaster of a ride but onwards and upwards. This site is a godsend.


SiverFairy i dont know much about thyroid but diagnoise with graves over active thyroid an one nodle how the edo saidmy i will have to do surg or take a next option do you think i have to do any i am on cab about 3month now due to do two blood test i dont what to do help me


Say6 I'm sorry I have no experience of nodules and would hate to give the wrong advice.

I recommend you start a new post with your concerns, Carbimazole dose and your last results, including ranges and hopefully someone knowledgeable will comment.


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