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I've just been to my long awaited Endo appointment and she's going to prescribe me T3 yay, shes reducing my dose though from 37.5 to 20mg and my thyroxin from 100 to 75mg which I don't mind the thyroxin being reduced because it's crap (pardon the expression), I do think I'm one of those people who feel better over medicated but I will give it a go and if not I've got enough of both of them to medicate a small country (can't stop smiling) 🐶

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Congrats! I hope it helps you feel better. It has been a big help for me. :-)




It's not "crap" for everyone. I was prescribed T3 for six months and had severe palpitations on only a low dose.

My Levo was then reduced only a fraction and I started crawling through life on my knees - still having palpitations. Then a new NHS endo took over and gave me the choice, because I also have other untreated autoimmunity. After discussion I chose the option where he raised my dose of Levo to 125mcg and I came off T3. At last I now feel my Hashis is correctly medicated again (I was on 125mcg five years ago until GP reduced it to 100mcg) and I don't have to think about it. No more palpitations - that was the T3.

I hope you get on well with T3 of course but for some people, an increase in T4 is all we actually need.


Hi Twitchy toes I dragged myself through 20 years on 150 levo with palps and since being on T3 my life has changed dramatically for the best, I can have a conversation with people without forgetting my words and mumbling, I can drive, I'm alert all day I've got tonnes more get up and go,that's just to name I few, sorry T3 didn't work for you, I'm just happy that I've now got the Endo to guild and support me as I was self medicating. 🐶


No worries I just didn't like you blanket saying Levo is crap as for many it's a life saver if doctors will only give us the right amount. I understand it is crap for you as T3 was for me though. Great that your endo is supporting you as mine is too. 👍🏾👏🏾


When a body is able to properly convert T4 (thyroxine, the inactive form of T3) into T3 (the active form of T4), then they do not need to take additional T3 because the body does the conversion optimally.

But for those who are not able (for a variety of reasons) to optimally convert T4 into T3; the T4 does little or absolutely nothing for them. In fact, T4 can build within the body and make you quite ill if it cannot be converted into T3.

When it is said that T4 does nothing at all, it's not the T4 that is useless. Rather, for many people, their body does not convert the T4 into the active hormone T3 and they feel miserable. It is our body that is the problem, not the T4. Without a conversion problem, more T4 would be all we would need to correct hypothyroidism. As we age, there are many reasons for conversion issues.

So you're both right! T3 is wonderful and none of us can live without it, regardless of how we get it: either by taking T4 and having it convert to T3 in our body, or by taking T3 itself, with or without the addition of T4.

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