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Okay I went to see my my Endocologist and she read the TSH range which was 2.47 and my Free 4 and was amazed at the Range of the TSH and lowered my medication Methimazole to 5 mg twice a day. And checked my thyroid and was also amazed that she could not barely feel anything. She said to see her next month, and blood work in two more weeks. Still taking my heart med for racing heart, just in case but get side effects I believe with low blood pressure. Well she's hopeing that my Thyroid will probably go back to normal. She was surprised that my level went up on the TSH so fast since it takes usually 3 months or more to see it go up.

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  • Sarajuarez2912,

    TSH 2.47 is a little high so reducing your Methimazole dose will be helpful. If your blood pressure is low you should discuss reducing the dose of the Beta Blocker you are taking now that your thyroid levels have come down.

  • Thanks clutter, I've reduced it to a quarter and still felt sick and believe it was low blood pressure I got yesterday evening twice. I've noticed now that the Methimazole was lowered I don't feel tightened and other effects. I feel like its only the beta blocker ( even tho its a quarter I'm taking is still making me sick, just thinking maybe)

  • Doctor called and told me the blood work done on yesterday came in today and my TSH came out 5.7 and my Free 4 came out .58 she said to take only 5 mg of Methimazole once only in the morning. My blood reading changed from Friday at the Hospital to the Doctors yesterday on the TSH a little on the Free 4 . What a rapid change.

  • did you have your bloods taken in the morning and before your meds?

  • I remember I ate a bacon and egg taco with yesterdays reading at the doctors. And the other one was done at the ER in the Evening last Friday which I had eaten a lot before I went to ER for running heart. Thanks whispers60

    Doctor said in 2 weeks to go for another blood work and I asked her if I fast, she said no.

  • you should really have them taken in the morning BEFORE taking medication, not sure if fasting or not makes a difference but I always do

  • Whispers60 thanks cause that's what I'm gonna do, fast. I think you get best results.

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