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Which specialist-immunologist or endocrinologist?

Hi, my 28yr old daughter has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and our GP is next to useless. We had to ask for full tests including antibodies to actually get the diagnosis. He won't refer so we are going private. But where to start? We are in West Midlands/South West England area. Also which type of consultant would people recommend, given that Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease first and foremost? I think we also need nutritional guidance and tests. If anybody can help we would be really really grateful. Thank you!

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Welcome to our forum and a member who has info on an Endo etc will send you a Private Message.

I wouldn't know best who to select but it is also a case of reading and learning so that we, the patient, knows as much or more than the specialists. Many have gone private and been very disappointed but if you email she has a list of recommended doctors.

Hashimoto's is the commonest form of thyriod disease and it is the antibodies which attack the gland, sometimes too much which gives unpleasant hyper sensations and sometimes they're low.

Members who have hashimotos have found the benefit of going gluten-free as it reduces the antibodies.

When daughter has blood test for thyroid hormones it should be the earliest possible and fasting. Also leave about 24 hours between the last dose of levo and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be at its highest as it drops throughout the day as many doctors only take notice of the TSH alone and adjusts the dose which may not help us feel well.


You should fight to get referred, complain to the practice manager in writing. I've seen 2 endo's and wasn't impressed with either so I'd go for the Immunologist personally

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We are changing our practice for that very reason! Thanks for advice, much appreciated.


Immunologist in Britain do not seem interested in Hashimoto's as they see it primarily as a thyroid problem therefore falling into endocrinology department. The fact that you thyroid is destroyed by your own immune system is irrelevant to them as they do not know how to treat it and officially subscribe to the view that nothing can be done about it anyway. Most likely you will be told that you need to take levothyroxine and will be fine everafter 8-). Mind you, your endo is also likely to say that but you might get more tests out of them first so you have a baseline. Try checking ferritine, vit D3, folate and b12 first anyway as they are really relevant and can explain a lot of symptoms,

Good luck!


Thank you all so much for responding, apologies for delay in replying; I hadn't activated the account properly. Does anyone think finding a functional medicine expert or nutritionist might also help? We've read there are a battery of tests that can be done, but what you do with the results? I read you can even have a metal fatigue test! It all costs money too; endos/immunos in London quoting £175 just for a consultation and seemingly none round our area. What a minefield this all is!


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