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Hello everyone out there! This is my first post on this brilliant website, what a discovery! I have been suffering with hypothyroidism and severe adrenal insufficiency for 5 years now. I am wondering if there are ANY nice, good endocrinologists that any one could recommend. And if it's not too much too ask, one that believes in adrenal insufficiency and won't tell me it's all in my head. I have a good gp, and have seen barry peatfield, but am looking for an endo. I could see him/her privately initially and would be prepared to travel. I live in gloucestershire, so the south west would be great. Thank you so much in advance for your time in answering and I look forward to your replies.


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  • That is hard, I have tried two and they were both expensive and arrogant. Hope someone can recommend a good one for you, they must exist!


  • Dear Jonny, so you've seen 2? I saw an endocrinologust at birmingham infirmary, and I have to say that even though he 'specialized' in adrenal insufficiency, he still doesnt believe it exists, and seeing him has probabbly been one of the worst parts in this whole journey. But, I watch with interest to see if there is a good, listening, open minded one anywhere in this country?

  • Hi Jonny, I was lucky to see Mr Campbell at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, who did my surgery after closely monitoring my thyroid before deciding no more as I was clearly in trouble with it.

    Before that I saw someone at the Q.E Selly Oak who was so rude and obnoxious that I told my then GP I was not going back there, this is when I was referred to Heartlands, this man listened to me and was seriously in touch with Thyroid problems, most of all he told me I was to visit him after I was discharged should any problems arose sadly I moved 86 miles away and am not in touch with him anymore, but please make inquires, he is a fine man who knows his stuff

  • Hi cat I live in Coventry and am desperate to find an holistic endocrinologist. Do you remember his name please. Thanks Deb xx

  • Hi Katey, Thanks for the nice comment! We are really pleased with the website! As for endos, one day, we hope to a)make a list of good endos and b) actually get some to listen to us.

    Watch this space for our new project (trying to get funds for it at the moment) which will hopefully mean we will be working with some endos!

    Snowed in here today - no Louise!

  • Dear lyn, the website is a real achievement. We spoke some years ago when I was first diagnosed so it's nice to be back in contact. It would be a true blessing to have a peatfield style consultant. That would be so amazing. Perhaps you could also looking at compiling a list of the consultants NOT to go and see. Unfortunately, i'm only half joking!!! kind regards, katey

  • It is very sad but I don't believe that there is an Endocrinologist who treats adrenal fatigue.

    Are you taking any medication?

  • Dear Suze, nice to hear from you, I read all your blogs yesterday so it's really nice that you reply. Re my meds OH YES!!! 1000mg adrenal extract, 10mcg T3,10mcg T4. (Would like to take more but go toxic due to low adrenals) And loads of supplements. Funnily enough, I just spoke to barry peatfield who said I should begin taking the steroids again, followed by a phonecall from my excellent endocrine acupuncturist who said I shouldn't. What is a girl to do? (apart from don another layer and refill her hotwater bottle)

    Have you ever seen an endocrinologist, suze, and if so how was it? Kind regards.

  • Hi Katey,

    I think it sounds really tricky for you -rock and a hard place springs to mind! Having said that I valued Dr Peatfields input -he really helped to get my thyroid meds sorted by looking at my adrenals. Did the steroids help?

    Am guessing you know all about being careful when taking supplements? I only ask because recently I made a bit of faux pas when i decided to add Acai berries in the forlorn hope it would increase my weight loss which is a bit of a dribble despite best efforts. ( there is no scientific evidence to show that they do -only anecdotal) I bought them from Holland & Barret and as it stated pure acai berry on the front of the bottle i didn't read the contents label on the back. Began to feel really poorly after a couple of weeks -when i checked the contents the berries were suspended in soya oil. On checking this i discovered that soya oil is a bit contrainidicated for us hypothyroid soles and the advice was to take it 10hours away from thyroid meds. i had only left an hour.... Am fine now I've stopped taking them but it took me about a week to recover!

  • Dear waveylines, gosh we have to be so careful don't we? When already out of balance, it takes such a small thing to knock us further out of balance. But sounds like you realised quite quickly, well done.

    The steroids did help, prednislone 5mg, because it meant I could take more replacement thyroid and therefore be less hypothyroid. But I got scared by the future side effects and it took 2 years to wean myself off them, so am keen not to have wasted that effort.

    What did dr peatfiled suugest you do for your adrenals? glandulars?

  • Hi Katey,

    mmm -yes it was more than a subtle reminder to my self to be careful! Dr Peatfield recommened glandulars for me. I took them for a whole year then gradually reduced them and stopped as he sai i might find i didn't need them after my adrenals had had a rest. However I noticed after some months that some of my symptoms were creeping back so went back on them. Are steroids your only option did Peatfield say? Did he say the ones that you were on would cause you long term damage -my knowledge is scant on this so am probably wrong but i thought that this was not necessarily the case, depends what they are, how strong etc....


  • Hi waveylines, yes as I am already on max dose of glandulars and still unwell with adrenal symptoms he is really clear that taking prednisolone (or hydrocortisone) is my only option. He says the dose I need is v low, only 5mg and he calls this 'practically homeopathic' and he assures there isnt any side effects. But, I just feel so reluctant to take them seems to put me in a different category of illness (ie immunosupressed'. He would laugh and tell me I'm already immunosuppressed due to my hypothyroidness! But, I took them for 2 years, and it has taken me 2 years to wean myself off them. It just feels such a backward step to return to them.

    Thats so great that the glandulars are and have been effective for you. Warm wishes, katey

  • I saw Dr Peatfield some years ago for low thyroid. He put me on 5mg Prednisolone telling me that is was a very low dose with now side effects. I was so Ill and frightened by the side effects I practically crawled to Purley in Surrey from Sussex to see him as he would not talk to me on the phone. I stopped the medication and never went back. I am still trying to find a Thyroid doctor that knows how the hell to treat me properly. I don't think one exists in Sussex.

  • Top Endo.. Mr/Dr Quin The Royal Sussex Hospital Brighton East Sussex. You can be referred to him and it is NHS

    I hope this helps.

    Sandie x

  • Do you know if Mr Quin is still there? I think I saw him a few years ago - he was a locum at my GP's surgery and I was very impressed. He actually listened to me and seemed genuinly interested.

  • I was diagnosed with hashimoto in 1992 .I trusted GPs and Consultants only to realise that their opinions are solely based on the easiest path just like water.Yet millions have been donated to oen up the subject.We are not veru far forward ,we earn no respect and they earn a living. Oh 5 consultants and 6 GPs later I have been curedof hoshimotos and diabetes anf pituitary problems and now am a hypothyroidist.


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