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I have been researching like mad and my feeling is that most Endocrinologists are as unsympathetic and rigid as many GPs. I am about to go private to deal with my ongoing symptoms, to an holistic doctor who will test for everything else, not just thyroid function, and use medications such as Armour, which I have heard works wonders. Before I do I thought I would check if there no NHS Endocrinologists out there who take the same approach? Are they all so stuck to the GMC's backside, that they are unwilling to look at the patient and not just the test results? Anyone found a great NHS endo who will do this? I am in West Midlands - I am guessing you would only be referred by the GP to a local endo(?) Please private PM if you have recommendations. Thanks

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  • Can you join us at the Midlands Thyroid support group on Saturday? In Norton Lindsey, Warwick?

    Members are from all over the Midlands and would be able to advise

  • Hi, Iv just read about your Midlands thyroid support group. I cannot make this Saturday but if you could let me know when the next meeting is I would love to come along. Thank you. Linda96

  • Linda please message me your email address

  • Please could you provide further details such as time and venue. I'm interested in coming along though have commitments late morning. Many thx, Amandak

  • Amanda, the meeting starts at 2pm in Norton Lindsey. I cannot give details on here. Please can you message me your email address and then I can let you know. If you cannot make this meeting then perhaps you would be able to make a future one.

  • I live in West Mids, I am going to see an Endo tomorrow @ Spire Parkway hospital. I will let you know what i think of him :-)

  • I would be interested to find out if this endo was any good ClareP81.

    I also live in West Mids I was refered to an endo at Sandwell last April and haven't had an appointment yet! Can't believe how bad things are getting on nhs.

  • I guess that's the one many of us have seen and left frustrated so hope you get on ok

  • Hi, Iv been wanting to go down the holistic route and live also in the midlands, not too far from Sandwell. please let me know how you get on? Linda96

  • Well back from my appointment. He was better than I expected, as few on hear had put me off him. He said I seemed to be on correct dose of Levothyroxine. from blood test doc had done. Did mention T3 but said too early to start. Have to be on levothyroxine for at least one year, before he'd consider. Mentioned if that was the case have I stopped absorbing as my symptoms were getting worse again. So he agreed to test shed loads of things. After he filled the form out. He said it was quite an indepth test of blood work lol. Go back in two weeks for results. This will be when I come out disappointed. He did also say some of my symptoms may not be thyroid related. My hips and knees kill me. So if the only good thing to come out of it. Is a full list of test results, as my go only would test tsh. All good so I can then put results on here get advice and start self medicating. X

  • At least you will have tried your very best. I would hate anyone to tell me I could only take levothyroxine it does nothing for me.

  • When he said that you are on correct dose - he was going by your TSH?

    When you do have your results then you are fully medicated if your free t4 is at the top or even just above the top of the lab range and your free t3 would be around the ¾ point of the range. (Do find out the ranges) I believe Birmingham is now 9-26 for free t4.

    Please do come and join us at my support group. We are meeting this Saturday 12th March. If you would like to join us for this one or future ones please message me your email address.

    The Endo that I guess you have seen is also doing a thyroid seminar at Solihull hospital on 15th March. (Initials AB?)

    Yes, he will probably be testing your vitamin B12 and D, ferritin and folate. If you are deficient in these then you may have similar symptoms to hypothyroid ones. I, like many others was deficient in B12 and D.

    Also many people in my group have improved since changing their diet, this could be something you can look at too.



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