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AIP diet seems to be working !

Hi all , I have posted a few times as I have only recently been diagnosed .

I have been on 100mcg levo for hypothyroid .i am just into my third month.

I began on a gluten free diet for a month which had a rather limited effect ,I didn't know why but researched and came across the "auto immune protocol "paleo diet .for those who don't know it ,it identifies foods which are most likely to cause an auto immune response in the body and for the first 30 days you cut them out completely . I have accepted that this autoimmune disease I have is NOT just about my thyroid ,it's about my whole body and it's responses to certain foods . In today's chemically charged society it makes sense to me that paleo eventually is the way to go !

I have changed my lifestyle completely ,my diet has undergone a drastic change in this forts month due to the food I have had to exclude .previously I ate a Mediterranean diet with lots of toms peppers chilies etc ,all of which are a no no now! A shocker but I feel so much better . I am managing to take time for myself to destress which is a big part of this holistic approach to the disease as is sleep so do NOT feel guilty! . There is so much I have read and I can't possibly put it all down on here ,but I bought the book "a simple guide to the paleo autoimmune protocol" by Eileen laird and it is helping to make sense of it all!

I am only 3 weeks in and although it's strict ,the exclusion bit is only for a month ! I can then slowly reintroduce things !

I am feeling so much better on it ,have so much more energy ,have less of a fog ,fewer aches and pains and they pass quickly with gentle exercise . I am not overdoing the exercise ,just gentle ,not too many big hills! And I have lost weight !

I would urge people to read up on this approach (before buying the book! and consider trying it .

Best wishes


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Thanks for that Lisa. I am about to start the exclusion diet on Monday for four weeks. I am already soy and gluten free, so a month without nightshades, nuts, dairy, etc, , then reintroduce. I have the help of a functional practitioner. At this point, suitable recipes and how to make sure I take in enough fat and protein without meat or dairy seem to be the major challenges. I'll take a look at the book to.

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