Auto immune diets?

Good morning.

I'd like to ask if anyone has resolved a lot of their symptoms by following a GAPS, Paleo, SCD or other diet which targets auto-immune conditions? I'd be so interested in your personal experiences.

Many thanks!

PS. I've bought Isabella Wentz's book and belong to Kris Kresser's blog site. They seem a bit evangelical and absolute. I'd really like to hear first hand experiences.


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I don't have personal experience but read this link yesterday. Excerpt:

Examples of infections that can induce autoimmune thyroid include:

Thank you very much, Shaws. I will look at the link.


Shaws, it is a very good article. Thank you!


I haven't changed my diet at all, but my TG antibodies have just come back as in normal range, after them being 100 times over range this time last year. I have self treated with NDT & all my symptoms have resolved

Thank you, Harry. Well done for resolving your antibodies!


Well it was more by luck than judgement! I just wanted to feel better - the antibody reduction was a bonus :-)

I looked at GAPS but its so restrictive that I felt I needed firm evidence that I needed it!!!

If you are thinking specifically about autoimmune problems, look at the AIP diet.

Thank you, Ruthi. There's no shortage of diets, yes, and I've researched the AIP diet. I just wondered if anyone had felt better through diet.

Best wishes,


Joeyis7 I went gluten and lactofree last year and reduced my TPO antiboides from 120 down to 13. I know the original reading was not high compared to what some on here have, in the high hundreds, but I certainly feel a lot better. I read Izabella wentz and Kris Kresser books and they made alot of sense to me. GP and Endo poo pooed any idea that TPO levels have any bearing on wellness, but I know different. With lots of help from this site I DIY my thyoid health. Just use NHS for levo scrips and the few blood tests they will do. I get the other tests done privately and feel in control of MY health!! Good luck

Thank you very much for this reply, Crimple. It's very encouraging and just what I hoped to hear. I've also found some useful experiences in the Search engine.

Congratulations on sticking to your diet!

Best wishes,


Glad you are encouraged and hope you get some results,thanks for your good wishes which are reciprocated.

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