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Feeling Hot - new to this

So I'm very new to this. Last week my second blood tests show that I have an overactive thyroid... my next tests are in 3 months to see if it calms down. I was told I may have problems with my body temp... well today I've been really hot and can't cool down. Not sweating... just hot. Anybody else feel like this and what can I do to cool down ? There must be something. I'm a 44 year old male btw.

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Welcome to our forum and I'm sorry you have a problem with your thyroid gland. We have some male members who might respond if they are also hyper or our other members who are hyper.

I will give you some links but you will feel hot as your body has speeded up (I am not medically qualified).


Have you had your antibodies tested to see if you have Graves disease? If you do, you need a referral to an Endocrinologist, as GP's do not have the knowledge to treat Graves.

Have you been prescribed Carbimazole? Do you have any other symptoms? If any are heart related your GP needs to either prescribe Carbimazole or beta blockers (certain ones will help stop the conversion of FT4 to FT3)

Make a point of getting all your blood test results, so you can keep a check and also post on here if you are unsure (you will need the ranges too, as labs around the UK use different ones)

I found it really difficult 'cooling' down and I sweated profusely too! My body thermostat didn't seem to work very well. All my symptoms started to calm down after starting on Carb.

If getting hot is your only symptom, you probably are better off waiting to see what your next blood levels are.


Thank you for your reply.

The GP didn't prescribe me anything and just advised that I have further bloods in 3 months. Also wants me to have an ECG.

I don't really know what other symptoms I could have as I generally have spells of feeling pretty crappy.

I have recently started noticing that I have a slight sore throat (Until I've eaten in a morning), and noticed a sensation on my throats that feels like I have trapped wind in there... but that said... I could be focussing on that area now I know there are issues there.

The fact that my doc wants me to wait 3 months suggests to me that he isn't thinking this is really bad but wants to keep and eye on it... I could be wrong however.




The symptoms of each.


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