Really, really tired after eating

Does anyone experience this?

Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I'm not sure if this is a thyroid condition - I know that tiredness is, but particularly after a meal? I have started being gluten free for the last 2 weeks. It's going okay. I felt good this morning but had lunch and completely crashed. Couldn't keep my eyes open... had to force myself to get up. This has been a pattern for a while. Also happens after dinner, but less so.

Is this common?


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  • This is the second time I have recommended this book today .... I'm not on commission...promise 😁

    I have recently started following the adrenal reset diet as outlined in the book by Dr Christiansen (I think I've spelled that right)!!

    Very easy to read , easy diet to follow and it had made a huge difference to me. No more afternoon crashes and I'm sleeping much better

    Lu x

  • Hi there, thanks for your reply. Is it called 'adrenal reset diet'?

  • Yes it's called 'The Adrenal Reset Diet' by Alan Christianson

    Lu x

  • In my experience a gluten free diet helped but a completely grain free approach was even better. I used to crash out after a meal (especially midday) but hardly ever now. I think perhaps eating less carbohydrate helped, as a generous portion of potato would also make me sleepy though I seem to get on better with them these days. Think I'll have a look at that book too - it sounds interesting.

  • Thanks for that. Any books you can recommend?

  • 'Wheat Belly Total Health' may help you. It advocates a grain-free low-carb way of eating. Personally I feel better with more carbs than it would recommend but I think we all have to work out what is best for our own body - also I'm not sure whether or not a very low carb diet is good for the thyroid in the long term.

    Or perhaps the Paleo diet would help you - it's fairly similar but would allow for more carbs (fruit etc). I loosely follow both of these but tweak them to suit me. (For example, neither Wheat Belly or Paleo seem to recommend potatoes, but I love them and feel better for eating some.)

    Hope this helps!


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