Burning up after eating (Graves)

Does anyone else experience a burning flush & soaking sweats immediately after, or during eating? - I don't mean after a big meal - it can be something quite small like a banana!

I'm not really sure what my thyroid levels are doing, as I've been trying to avoid my consultant while supposedly stable ... we haven't been getting on, and due to problems at home, I haven't had time to sort out another referral.

So my question is, is this likely to be a return to hyper- or could it be a hypo thing? I don't seem to be losing weight, but something is definitely happening. This flushing is a new thing - generally when I've been heat intolerant with hyper before, it's been ALL the time.

I know, I need to get tested ....


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  • Hi yes can def relate to that! Can even happen after a hot drink.Thought for ages it was menopause but was then diagnosed with Graves.Go and get your bloods done tk be on safe side x

  • Yes I also suffer this and had my thyroid removed.

  • Sorry - you mean you still get this AFTER having your thyroid removed - or before?

  • Sorry I wasn't very clear was I? :-) Yes, I've had it since first being diagnosed with Graves and still have it even though I've had my thyroid removed.

    Hope that's a bit clearer!

  • Yes I'm the same. It's funny how the consultants only go by your tsh levels. He says my graves is in remission and all the problems I still have can't be thyroid related.

  • Hello Midwinter,

    I also burn up after eating (not all over just certain places) and my breathing gets laboured, I do not sweat (I presume that is just because my Adrenals are still poorly)

    I have not been diagnosed with Graves - so just been putting it down to being under mediated with Thyroid Hormone, mind you it only started up about 6 months ago.

    Sorry i can't be more help - but you are not alone x

  • Hi

    I have Hashimoto's and no thyroid - I also get this sometimes, even though my levels appear ok. I know it's not the menopause either. I feel that it's almost as though my body's trying to regulate its' metabolism - when I eat, it kickstarts it and cause I've got a faulty thermostat, it sometimes goes a bit haywire :)

    I also feel like this when I'm due to take my meds - even though I'm still trying to fine tune dose and times, I'm starting to see, (I think) a bit of a pattern of feeling hot and bothered until I take my dose.

    I have also noticed that this happens less for me since starting on NDT - it may be a coincidence, and what suits one person may not suit another, but I had got to the point previously that the flushing and perspiration had got so bad that my dermatologist was going to look into it as possible hyperhidrosis.

  • You really need to get your bloods done. Not sure who is saying you're stable, you or your Endo?

    I have Graves and had this when I was hyper, every time I ate or drank anything however small.

  • Hey Midwinter, I have been having that too, been telling my hubby "honey I am burning up" so sorry to hear you are feeling like that it is horrible. I am not sure if it is my thyroid mess, (bloods normal but I have a goitre) but man it drives me crazy and it is unpleasant too. Not my hormones, think I am over that. Vit D deficiency ?

  • Hi Ritaritarita, I don't think Vit D as I'm on a supplement & checked regularly after severe deficiency a whole back. I did get the burning skin & flushing when dose of PTU was increased, and was definately NOT hyper then - more going the other way if anything; so I guess it could happen with a change in levels, but I know my Graves kicks off after prolonged (dis)tress - which sadly would fit with the current picture.

  • Hello Midwinter,

    I was interested in your post because my daughter has thyroid problems however she doesn't experience any of what you've described.

    On the other hand, I always get a hot flush and heavy sweating after eating or drinking anything but water! I have Diabetes 2, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Hypertension and a host of other things. I'm not sure if it's the meds or one of the conditions but would recommend that you get it checked out.

    Please do let us know how you get on because when I went to my GP, he said it was definitely to do with my blood sugar.

    I hope it is resolved for you - not looking forward to the hot weather - seems to make it worse.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Have you had your thyroid tested? With a daughter with the problem and your problem it just made me wonder if you were also hypothyroid.

  • Thanks silverfox7 - it's been 2 or 3 months since my last test, when things had been in the normal range for about a year, so had been hoping for remission from Graves.

  • Hello Silverfox7, You are right, I did have my thyroid tested several years ago and although there were some anomalies, it wasn't considered serious enough to do anything about and the testing continued to reveal the Diabetes etc. As a young woman I had PCOS and endometreosis. My daughter has also had PCOS so there are definitely a genetic markers. Thank you so much for your concern and advice.

  • Hi Reykua - refreshing to hear from someone else who dreads the coming of summer - I get so fed up with people saying, "how lovely that spring has come early this year ... and we're going to have a hot summer too!" !!!

    I think age must be a factor in how each of us experiences symptoms - maybe the young are better able to tolerate thyroid excess/insufficiency.

  • Oh hon, me too, I hate the summer. Everyone loving it and me burning up. Sad isn't it! X

  • Thanks so much everyone. While this could be menopause (51), it does seem very similar to thyroid symptoms. I haven't seem any weight loss yet, but eyes very sore & feeling very hot & wobbly so I'm pretty sure I'm going hyper again, probably as result of stress from mum's sudden illness & hospitalisation 5 weeks ago (past experience tells me it takes 4-6 weeks from episode of severe stress for Graves to re-emerge).

    Grasping at straws, I was wondering whether it could possibly be related to hypo (in which case I could reduce the PTU) ... but I doubt it. I will get a private test, as I am terrified of seeing going back to my usual consultant or GP, especially if I have to beg for an earlier appointment! No idea what I'll do after that ...

  • UPDATE: OK, so I got tested, in a big panic, partly because nervous about the symptoms I'm getting, & partly because pounding heart & anxiety IS part of the symptoms! So I did a stupid thing & got a test without being sure if it was the right one. Yeah, stupid. Anyway, the results I have are:

    TSH 2.34 (range 0.27-4.2)

    Free Thyroxine 13.0 (range 12.0-22.0)

    Free T3 4.6 (range 3.1-6.8)

    The one thing I understand from this is that the TSH is higher than I've seen it for years (1.07 last Aug, and hadn't registered at before that), but the rest doesn't mean much to me, so I'll post this in the Questions section to see if anyone can help.

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