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Genova Diagnostics Testing - Disclaimer Commentary

I have paid for a couple of private Thyroid related tests from Genova now, as GP and Endo have been pretty useless. The first one was done through Dr P, the second - an Adrenal Saliva Test and Reverse T3 - which was done through Thyroid UK. Thyroid UK emailed me the results which showed the Cortisol Saliva test 7am-9am was 18.35 (7.45-32.56), so OK, but 11am-1pm was 15.52 (2.76-11.31) High, 3pm-5pm - 12.05 (1.38-7.45) High, 10pm-12am 3.89 (0.83-3.86) High. With my hyper adrenal symptoms (including adrenal hump on back of neck) and the advice from Genova for doctor was to check for Cushings. My NHS endo looked at the results and pointed out the Commentary/disclaimer: "Commentary is provided to the practitioner for educational purposes, and should not be interpreted as diagnostic or treatment recommendations. Diagnosis and treatment decisions are the responsibility of the practitioner." He said that if the company was confident in a diagnosis they would not put this and basically refused to do CT scan etc to check for Pituitary/Adrenal tumors, which is the first step to check for Cushings. He said the hump was probably arthritis!! I have telephoned Genova and they said to contact Thyroid UK and book an appointment with their private doctor, £95 for half hour telephone call to interpret the results. I don't see why I should spend more money when I wont be able to get the Endo to act on any interpretations. I did explain to the Endo it was a suggestion by the company and they were not some quack internet firm, but through Thyroid UK. :(

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millefleur40 The Thyroid UK "doctor" (she is a PhD not an MD) can interpret your results but will only tell you what you already know, and that wont persuade your endo to do anything. The Thyroid UK doctor will suggest supplements to take to help your adrenals.

It seems as though your endo's ego has been bruised - you have gone and done a private test, presented the findings to him and he doesn't like it. A bit like showing a GP Blue Horizon thyroid test results when they refuse to test or only do TSH.

I don't know what to suggest as to where you go from here. What is your GP like? Is he likely to take any notice of your adrenal results? Can you see a different endo and 'start again' but get him to test rather than use the Genova results?


Endo has suggested I get a second opinion, he's the second endo Ive seen, the first one would have bee struck off if I had footage of his actions! Impatient, blatantly rude, irresponsible..... None will accept saliva testing because nhs don't do it, so they can't compare it. My blood and urine cortisol have come back 'normal' in the past, despite very obvious high adrenal symptoms.


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