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normal test results

hi everyone, i hope everyone is well.

i rang the doctors on monday for my latest results and she got the receptionist to tell me that everything was normal and that i should stay on 50mcg....

i siad there is no way that my test can come back normal as 6 weeks ago they were at 5.8. so i asked for a copy of my results which ill be picking up later. they have also tested for my t3 and t4. so once i get them i shall post them on here.

ive also upped my own dosage to 100 a day and i feel so much better. it means im getting through my meds quicker but i dont care. im going to how i feel. and right now im doing fine.

im interested to know the results from my t3 and t4, my dr is away with the fairies so her record of normal can be anything but.

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I'm glad you're going to collect your results. It's always best and get members to analyse them. You are very right that 'normal' is meaningless if you don't feel you've normal health.

Doctors seem to be the poorest in knowledge = unfortunately many Endos too about clinical symptoms not being relieved. So we suffer whilst being told are bloods are 'normal'.


Normal is an opinion and NOT a result. Do post your results in a NEW post so I do not miss them :-)

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yes i will thanks everyone.. obviously im not normal am i, as im already on 50mcg ( shakes her head at her doctor)


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