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Vitamin Supplement Recommendations

Morning All you lovely people.

I'm after some general insurance. I don't have any particular concerns but then having never had vitamin tests how would I know? I remember my ferritin was low at the start so I supplemented using various types from spatone to viridian and I'm currently taking there multi vits. I eat my at least five a day and red meat once or twice a week. Oh and extra vutamin C 3000mg and 2/3 Brazil nuts for selenium. I just remember Grey Goose saying multi vits were a waste of time. I work in sales so I'm out and about most days so Vit D should be ok I would imagine??

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Hi Jodypody,

It sounds like you have a very busy life. I take Vitamin D3 and especially now as winter is coming. I take an iron tablet as my iron levels where very low and it can lead to fatigue if your iron is low. Vitamin C and I would also recommend taking B supplements. You should be able to ask your GP to take a blood test for iron and B deficiencies and you can post your results here.


Haha! Busy is an understatement 😀 Thanks for taking the time to reply. Do you go for any particular brands or just high street?


Hey no worries,

I like Nutri brand products and Solgar anything that is more natural. Give them a try, you can usually find them easily enough online. I hope it all works for you. I have found they work for me. Although multi vitamins are not always great, I have been recommended to try Nutri Advanced essential multi vitamins for women. I haven't tried it yet but thought I might give them a go.

All the very best,


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