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Chellenging the CCG... Anyone done it?

I was on t3 and t4 which was ok'd by the ccg several years ago, but then i changed to Ndt which i bought for myself about 5 years ago.

My doctor did a full thyroid test a couple of weeks ago, it came back as fine, everything where i want it to be, so i asked my doc for a prescription for Naturethroid.

I have received a letter this morning, saying the the chief pharmacist says. " Naturethroid is not sanctioned by the Dorset CCG for the NHS which must be very dissapointing for you"

Too right its dissapointing and i feel well enough to make a huge fuss. Anyone actually managed to overturn this sort of decision? Tips needed please.



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I do hope you can do something to reverse the decision. As far as I know it was very difficult to get GPs to prescribe NDT on a 'named-patient' basis and as you know the BTA has made false statements about it in their determination not to prescribe for us, or at least to have a trial of NDT. The fact that you are well now Galathea and have a very physical job, it would be a disaster for you in many ways.

Maybe contact Lyn Mynott at TUK as she knows more about the awful decisions being made by CGCs to stop presribing T3.

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Will they continue to prescribe T3?


Dunno if the new doc i have will prescribe t3. I have made an appointment to see her on Friday. Thing is, i was prescribed t3 by my last doctor as the local endocrinolgist decided i needed it, even though he swore it was a placebo.

When i swapped to self medicating with ndt, i continued to collect the t3 and t4 prescriptions, i have over a years worth ... Which i never took to the chemist. And the doc never noticed any difference in my blood test results.

I fully intend to stay on the ndt, but i would prefer to get it prescribed.



Make an appointment to see your MP? It's really a case of how much your head can take from banging it against a brick wall!!


Not a bad idea, my local mp is head of several mental health charities i believe.


Nothing to lose by trying G. Have at em 🙂

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