Doing an antibody test next week, increase gluten?

I have been pretty much gluten free since I realised that whenever I eat it i become very bloated, itchy, tired, blotchy and makes my stomach hurt.

I am doing an antibody test next week so in the interest of getting a diagnosis if it turns out I have Hashis, should I start eating wheat etc this weekend or abstain?

I know it sounds daft but this is a private test so I will have to show the results to my GP in the event of a positive test for antibodies so in the interest of a diagnosis (and therefore treatment!) is it an idea to 'flare' it up? I know I will feel horrible if I do but then I already do, and I just want to get a diagnosis (of whatever is wrong with me) and get some treatment and not get fobbed off!

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  • How long have you been gluten free for? The last antibody test I had done was about a year ago ....after being gluten free for a antibodies had reduced by half...but I still had antibodies Personally I wouldn't reintroduce gluten for an antibody test.

    I considered it strongly for a colonoscopy I had to check for coeliacs ....but in the end figured its not worth getting sick for a diagnosis.

    Also for a positive result for coeliac via colonoscopy/blood test you need to be eating gluten for at least 6 weeks...ideally more so I would assume the same would apply to antibody testing. Afterall....after a year GF antibodies only reduced by half I would assume the same time frame if the situation was reversed.

  • skyrocket good advice from Em_Lou. Don't risk it 🤗

  • Skyrocket,

    You are either gluten-free or not. You can't be a little bit g-f or "pretty much g-f". If you occasionally eat gluten it may be enough to cause inflammation. I'm not aware that eating gluten will actually cause a Hashi flare up. It makes no difference anyway. A confirmed diagnosis of Hashimoto's won't make any difference to diagnosis or treatment for hypothyroidism. You will only get a hypothyroid diagnosis once TSH is over range or FT4 below range.

    Arrange an early morning and fasting (water only) blood draw when TSH is highest.

  • Clutter sorry English is not my first language and sometimes my sentence structure is not that great. I am gluten free. Completely. It took me a long time to realise that the bread I love did not love me back.

    All I want to do is find out why I feel so ill. It is my hope that if I can get a diagnosis, whether that is Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism or Purple-Spotted Moose Fever, then I can get treatment and therefore will feel better.

    Because it's ruining my life and as you've seen my results are frustratingly not revealing anything definate. :(

  • Skyrocket,

    Nothing at all wrong with your English but "pretty much g-f" sounded as though you were still consuming some gluten.

    I hope you manage to get a diagnosis and treatment.

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