23andme Mutation Report - thought you might like to see one!

Thought everyone out there might like to see one of the reports I obtained that Dr C wanted me obtain from my raw data. Makes very interesting reading especially my neurotransmitters. Also the high Glutamate and low Gaba explains a lot as confirmed on another report I have. I think money well spent for me. I compared the results to a similar test my former nutritionist did via labs in Sweden a few months ago and many similarities!

The report serves purely as a guide to advise on dietary requirements and supplements; my Functional Medicine Dr uses it a lot and will know what to do from the percentages and mutations. It has certainly picked up that my liver isn't working properly in detoxing, as confirmed by my recent GP bloods.

My FMD said "To be technically correct, the SNPS don't determine your ABSORPTION, but your ability to MAKE certain things, or RESPOND to certain items.

But PLEASE do NOT think that what you read on that report is infallible....many of the things they list to avoid or encourage are incorrect. But their report IS the best one to go on in my opinion"

Please don't comment if you are just going to pull the report to pieces


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  • Fascinating Jefner. Thanks for sharing that!

  • I don't really understand any of it but it says avoid the B12 on one bit, but encourages it in another. So how do you know whether to take it or not ?!

  • encourages hydroxocobalamin, - discourages methylcobalamin - two different form. hydroxocobalamin is an unmethylated form.

  • Diyena it shows that I shouldn't be taking the methyl type which I have stopped until I skype with my Functional Dr next week

  • The FDA banned this type of analysis in the US.

    Looks impressive but is it ? notice it says you should avoid Cucumin and tonights Trust me I am a Doctor showed cucumin in tumeric to be probably very helpful to combat three major diseases. I also find the B12 advice suspect.

    The end : noise might make you deaf .Never!

  • But other sections say to encourage curcumin - so just eat curry occasionally.

  • I think the diseases mentioned including cancer and asthma were much less frequent in Asia .I recall the locals having curry for breakfast.

    I think in the US this company can only use the analysis for ancestry purposes so its a bit iffy.

  • 23andme just provide the raw data, you have to get the data deciphered by someone else. You are incorrect as regards "for ancestry purposes". A lot of Functional Medicine Drs in the US use the information for diet and supplementing purposes

  • I thought the FDA had stopped that three years ago.Has the FDA changed its stance?

  • Interesting ,thanks. Considerably reduced from original service.

  • Angel_of_the_North

    it's just a guide Angel. What I was most interested in on the report was the neurotransmitter section which explains a lot and another report I have confirms it

  • Treepie

    There always one who has to put a dampner on things. The report is just a guide and who is to say that programme's research was correct? I found flaws in their research after reading a couple of scientific reports after the programme aired. My Functional Dr prescribed me a tumeric supp anyway

  • Thanks - very interesting - will have to investigate the COMT gene

  • A bit confusing as some sections tell you to encourage things that others tell you to avoid.

  • Angel_of_the_North

    It's just a guide hon for food and supplementation. The most important part of the report is the mutations it has picked up. My Functional Medicine Dr will know from the percentages shown what to, and what not to supplement

  • Have been reading up a bit around COMT - Catechol-o-methyltransferase. It is used by the SAMe processes - which I think happen in the brain. The variant you have means that you are super-efficient at the methylation stage in the process. The process deals with recycling neurotransmitters and being a super-methylator is a problem because the optimal point seems to be a dip in a curve - so if the process is inefficient you have problems, if it is inefficient you also have problems ... which is why having methylcobalamin is a problem.

    I was interested because we do have members on the PAS forum who report terrible experiences with methylfolate and methylcobalamin so interesting to see something that would lead to this

  • Gambit62

    So that might explain why, when I first started methyl B12, that my levels rose quite dramatically after only taking it for 2 weeks? Still researching and trying to grasp things

  • what dose were you taking and did you know that you actually have a B12 absorption problem. The body only needs very small amounts of B12 because it is very good at storing and reusing B12 unless there is an absorption problem. It may just have gone up because you were actually taking a very high dose

  • Mine rose from 232 to 1300 in 6 months of taking 5,000mcg, is that normal?

  • the amount of B12 you are taking is about 2000x the RDA - so unless you have a major absorption problem your levels are going to rise on that does of B12.

    As a counter to this your kidneys filter out B12 - and the rate at which they do this gets faster as the amount of B12 in your blood gets higher. There is a very significant amount of variation in how fast different people get rid of B12 but if someone is being treated for B12 deficiency using intramuscular injections (1000mcg) then at least half of this tends to be removed in the first 24-48 hours.

    Your results don't surprise me.

  • Well I'm hoping it's ok as I stopped the B12 after that blood test. 😏

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