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HELP!Please!GP wrote a letter to PIP “confirming mental health issues” this has NEVER even been discussed! have been dx with M.E fibro

Hello everyone! Hope u are all having a great weekend.

Could anyone give me advice please.

I got my PIP assessment report and it stated in a comment that my GP. Confirmed with a letter I had mental health issues.

What?!! That is news to me! This has never been discussed in my appointments, I have NEVER been assessed by a psychiatrist or ever been given a diagnosis of mental health issues. I am so worried about this as my work has intervened and got me Best Doctors practise to access all my medical records and write up a report. I don’t have mental health issue and definitely don’t want my work to think that. I have changed GP practice so I can’t go and make an appointment with that doctor. I am just shocked to read this in my report. Has anyone got any advice for me?

Would be so greatly appreciated.

I will be contacting PIP On Monday for my GP report.

Thanks guys ☺️

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If you do have ME/fibro - there has been for a few years now (with reasonable, sensible, 'good' doctors) been a move away from such a pitiful excuse for the health problems of many physically ill patients!

It is perfectly understandable that you're concerned - many would be livid. Yes, do ensure this is checked out BECAUSE those illnesses do not in any sense necessarily imply there is a MH issue, other than 'all in the head' of absurd doctors who have no answer so 'patient blame'. Prof Wessely is largely responsible for the spreading of this ludicrous (in a large % of cases), then there is Prof Weetman... another 'all in the head guy'. This does not, of course, mean that SOME people with CFS/ME/Fibro do not have MH issues (and in some patients, it is hardly surprising, given the way they are treated!) but many more will not have.

Just keep in your head: "It's mitochondria, not hypochondria" - check out Dr Sarah Myhill's various pages and her complaint to the GMC on this.

There is now, amidst other opinions, research with findings that 'energy cells are drained', aka not drained in your brain :-) - indeed challenge your records if there is no MH issue.



Thank you Linda for replying to me.

I am livid. I can not understand why my Gp think he can report that without discussing it with me, informing me or refered me to be assessed.

You are right in saying people how has this diagnosis doesn’t imply there is a MH issue. Thank you for this info, and your reassurance.

I think I am so livid as my GP has refused further testing, dx me with this label after two weeks of of gtn sick and me explaining my symptoms and I have spent 5 months quoting NICE guidelines and asking for mri and to rule out mimicking illness for M.E dx to be removed. Then I see the PIP report to say my Gp sent a letter in to confirm I had MH!

I will try my best to contain myself keep calm and not go shouting about it as will prob only confirm in Gp mind I have MH issues. Do you any any advice how I can remove this from my medical records or anything I can do to ask how a gp can come to this diagnosis without accessing me. Many thanks Linda. Oh I have DR Myhill book I wish she was my Gp!

I am seeing infectious disease doctor in Feb after gtn a lyme test and other test investigation to find out the root of problem.


Yennn that's shocking and you're absolutely right to challenge it. Write a letter to the Practice Manager expressing your disgust at your GP's behaviour and if it doesn't get sorted out then threaten to take it further. Don't let them bully you.


Thank u girl 🙏🏽

I know I am so disgusted at this. More shocked, as it was news to me.

I will have to call PIP and ask for the medical report and find out what Gp it was, then hopefully ask this to be removed off my medical records unless they are willing to send me to get assessed first.

Thank u for ur reply and continuous support💛


The two specialists named above are more like swear words on this forum as they seem heartless and most on this forum know about them.

We have to read, learn and ask questions and you will soon be on the road to recovery. The majority on this forum get their own blood tests and hormones and feel better for it.

Myxedema coma is the most serious condition due to hypothyroidism. Being undiagnosed and untreated.

You'd think, in this modern day and age, a doctor would know the difference between a hypothyroid symptom now that they have blood tests to diagnose and treat patients. One member, last week posted that she had to go as an extrene emergency to the A&E as she was in a myxedema coma. Doesn't fill you with confidence.

I wish they'd revert to clinical symptoms as we were diagnosed much more quickly and doctors knew all of them without blood tests.




Yennn it's so distressing for you, you don't need this when you're ill. Fingers crossed for you.

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Yennn - ME would take some time to diagnose, so over a couple of weeks might just mean that he's finally put the bits together?? Do you feel that you have ME/CFS, as in complained about those symptoms?

What is the further testing that you were asking for?

You certainly need to try to get to the bottom of this - not sure if something can be removed from records BUT a note can be added to them. Sorry, I'm not as up on this as I should be but plenty on here are so ask on here.

Yes, I think many of us would love Dr M as our GP :-)

I do hope you get to the root of this, at least there may be some movement for you. It is when patients go without diagnosis for too long that things fall apart.

Very best to you Yennn - take care and be well :-) xox

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I had an sudden on set of crippling fatigue, fatigue that made me late for work, sleeping after I got home. I would wake unrefreshed so I went to gp about it. I also had chronic joint pain that was undx for 2 years. My gp said she would refered me to nhs rhematology but it could take anything up to 5 months. However I could pay private to bmi and be seen sooner. Two week I went to c private and the rheumatologist dx me then with ME and fibro. She didn’t have any of my blood work as she thought I was a self referral. Since that happened, I have asked to be checked for other mimicking illness, sent to neurology for mri to have a follow up with nhs rheumatologist all which has been refused. I was sent to gartnavel intergrative care homepathic hospital to learn about meditation.

After reading nice guidelines I learned that cfs can only be given after 4 months of ongoing symptoms. My symptoms have changed and envoled, I suffered tension migraines dizziness vertigo heart palpitations esp when standing or going from laying down to Sitting up right. I also scored 9 in the Beighton test of hypermoblity, i don’t have any wide spread muscle pain that comes with fibro only joint pain esp on my knees. I am no in a wheel chair and use crutches around the house.

Further testing I was asking for was a mri, to c neurologist, to get full thyroid oanel checked and anti bodies, pots to see a cardiolohist second opinion for rheumatology as I suspect I have ehlers danlos rather than fibro. I also got bitten in the summer when I went camping and finally got tested for Lyme. Awaiting to c infectious disease in Feb.


Goodness, those aspects are all so distressing :-(

I note that shaws has come in below - she knows so much more than me :-)

My major concern was the MH diagnosis... if it it not accurate. Hopefully you will get something sorted in Feb. I do feel for you!

Very best - yes just stay as calm as you can (very difficult in these circumstances) because quite natural distress 'will be taken down and used against'... we're living in *&^%*. Take care xox

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Thank u linda 💛

Yes the MH is a major concern for me too, as I am fighting so hard to get a doctor who listens and will work with me to find the root cause of the problem. I know with any illness your mental health will be effected, I am not denying that.

Thank u for reaching out, and ur amazing advice I will defo try an remain calm! I just have to remind myself be clear calm and collective or mayb best to write a letter as they won’t be able to see or hear my tone of voice ☺️ Take care too 💛

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Someone who is expert on work issues will respond. Have you been diagnosed as being hypothyroid? What dose of levo have you been given. Have you had a copy of your latest blood test results for hypo?

If so, post them. They know nothing about conditions of a dysfunctional thyroid gland so they have a cheek to diagnose us with other problems without advising patient particularly mental health issues. You should get your Free T3 and Free T4 tested and we have private labs which will do these. They are home pin-prick tests. I believe the frees are most important and I will give a link for the reason from TUK:=


Levothyroxine is T4 only. It has to convert to T3. T3 (liothyronine) is the only Active Thyroid Hormones and it is required in the millions of T3 receptor cells. If we don't have sufficient we don't feel well and the brain and heart have the most receptor cells.

Blood tests for thyroid hormones have to be at the very earliest possible, fasting, and allow a gap of 24hours from last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards. This method allows the TSH to remain at its highest as doctors are apt to reduce the dose according to the whereabouts of the TSH.

Also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested at the same time.

Get a print-out of your results with the ranges. Ranges are important as labs differ and it makes it easier to respond.


Hello shaw☺️

My doctors refused to check my Ft3 as my tsh levels were normal.

Also refused to check for anti bodies. I printed off a symptoms page of hypothyroidism and said that the ranges is for a population of people and that it may not be normal for me. He said I was clutching as straws. I will defo get a thyroid private test done I was waiting for my pip to come through as I have sadly been on sick leave for 6 months coming now.

My previous blood results are:

TSH 0.65 (0.35 5.00)

Ft4 13 (9-21)

Tt3 1.1 (0.9 2.2)

Vit D 51 (25-50)

Folate 7.3 (3.1 20)

Ferritin 41( 15-200)

B12 699 (200 900)

Calcium 2.22 (2.20-2.60)

All which Docs said normal.

You have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

Take antriptyline pregablin and sent me on my way. No further testing. I ordered myself a cortisol saliva test, found a naturopath and gtn a hair mineral test paid to c a private rheumatologist.

Just been tested for Lyme and now awaiting an appointment for infectious disease.

I have rewuestion gp I want to c a neurologist and rheumatologist which both bounced back and refused to see me and I asked for it to be refered again as Cfs is given when all other mimicking illness has been ruled out. I am on my14th Doctors changed practises 3 times. I really am trying everything I can to be taken seriously . 🙏🏽


Yennn was it the NHS who carried out the Lyme test? There are no Lyme experts within the NHS as the NHS has been in denial of its existence for donkey's years. I hope the Infectious Diseases consultant explains that testing is not 100% accurate, more like 50% and needs a clinical diagnosis.

janeb15 is very knowledgeable on Lyme and co-infections so have tagged her.


Aww wow! I really hope this won’t be another “brick wall” appointment. I have had sooo many arrogant doctors and pointless appointment that I have been so excited to go to thinking I would finally find some answers.

Yeh it was a NHS Elisa test. I still have a scar of where I was bitten. I thought it was just a spider bite, and didn’t know anything about Lyme then. A month later I got sick. The bite was there for ages! Thank u for the tag!


Hi Yennn, PM me if I can help at all. I'd be more than happy to do so if I can. Jane x

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Well said cinnamon_girl. Thankfully Lyme Disease UK is having their voice heard and is part of an all party group in Westminster, but getting doctors on board is the real brick wall. Their arrogance is unacceptable.

Jane x


janeb15 thanks. My MP is involved in the Lyme APG, her office contacted me to ask my thoughts on the draft NICE guidelines. Am not her only constituent with Lyme, I'm probably the most outspoken though!!

We can only hope that doctors will slowly start opening their minds, perhaps they should be shown the article in the BMJ some years ago which was written by an NHS doctor who ended up being very ill with Lyme. You'd hope that reading about one of their own may have some effect.

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Vitamin D and ferritin levels are actually too low for optimal health.

You want vitamin D around 100 and ferritin around 70-80. If your family has a problem with iron overload your ferritin shouldn't go higher than 50.

I actually am unwell if my ferritin and/or vitamin D are 60 or lower.

There is an old research paper done by a French doctor who found that in a small group of women whose ferritin levels that are at the lower end of the range felt much better, less tired and had more energy when their ferritin levels where raised to 50+. Unfortunately many GPs just use the lab range not understanding that someone who says they are tired and has a ferritin level below that should try and increase it if they don't have genetic illnesses that effect haemoglobin or iron storages.

The vitamin D research about levels are on various vitamin D sites. However there was a discussion on here a while ago that there is an issue with British labs as some set the optimal limit at 50nmol/l, like yours, and others, like the ones in my area, use 75nmol/l.

You need to remember the NHS treats you to try and ensure you aren't extremely ill and so a costly emergency, they don't treat you to gain optimal health.

People interested in optimal health tend to be on the sports science, trichology and nutrition/dietitian side and don't tend to work for the NHS at all. This is because NHS practitioners especially in primary care cannot utilise up to date practices/research for many conditions as they have a higher risk of being struck off, and if they want to they have to get funding to do a clinical trial even if people have stated for years in patient groups set up by charities like this that doing particular things works.

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You will find the following interesting. Dr Lowe was an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk before his untimely death and he is greatly missed.

He ran Dr Lowe.com, Fibromyalgia Research Foundation and some links:




He treated fibro with T3 alone and at higher doses that would be normal for patients who weren't thyroid hormone resistant. Some have difficulting converting levothyroxine into sufficient T3.


Yenn, I'm so sorry you're going through this stress and being treated this way when what you deserve is to have your health taken seriously.

Hopefully other people might have practical advice about changing records, but if it were me I'd start a complaints procedure with a letter to the practice and anywhere else I could about this doctor, carefully laying out in bullet points all the unacceptable actions by this GP. I'd make clear to the PIP people you're challenging this report at the practice level and discuss with them how you can have the report removed and one submitted by a GP who has properly discussed, provided strong evidence for, and offered treatment for any conditions they may believe you have.

Head up and just take one step at a time :)


Thank u rosannaclare☺️

I know, I defo will be putting a complaint in.

Pip face to face assessment was distressing enough and my family are advising me not to contact them as I did get the rewards and it may effect it, or I might be asked to go through application again. Which I really don’t want to. To just accept it but I am finding this difficult to be labelled with something so inaccurate.

I will contact pip ask for my medical report. Find out which Gp write to practise manager and complain and ask for a detail report from the gp how he/she could come up with this diagnosis without assessing me,

Thank u and I hope u are well and enjoying ur weekend 💛


You MUST get private testing for thyroid antibodies and FT3 (need FT4 and TSH done at same time

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

Your vitamin D is much too low. Supplementing using vitamin D mouth spray is good option is case you have poor gut function

Better You do 3000iu mouth spray

Folate and ferritin on low side

Ferritin eating liver once a week should help (or liver pate)

Folate, perhaps try a good vitamin B complex

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



Only change one thing at a time and wait at least 2 weeks to assess results

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Yennn, mental health problems cover a wide variety of illnesses so don't think for one minute the Doctor was intimating you were beyond redemption, I'm sure you aren't. Having said that I sometimes wonder how some of these so called Doctors look themselves square in the face, write to the practise manager, you may not get the satisfaction you want but it'll make them think twice the next time.

Having said that, the sooner we as a society come to terms with the fact that there are two aspects to our health, physical and mental the better for us all, about time we got away from the stigma of mental health and started treating people with mental health issues the same as we'd treat someone with a broken arm, rant over, good luck.


Hey, I compelty understand your point of view. ESP about people who have mental health issues should be treated the same as someone with a broken arm.

My mental state has never been brought up in any of my appointments, I have never been asked by a doctor how I feel, or how my illness effects me. All I have done is asked to be refered to see specialist and further testing. In my pip report it stated that my gp wrote a letter to confirm I have mental health issues.

I defo will be writing a letter to practise manager to ask how the gp came to this conclusion and what mental health issue i have if I have never been discussed or assessed.

Thank you for ur reply. I wish you all the best ☺️

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As your mental health was never mentioned you, you do have to wonder if his report was based on you or was he looking at notes from someone completely different possibly with the same name?


When you think of the effects of living with thyroid symptoms for any length of time, it's likely quite a few here will have suffered from stress, anxiety or depression to a greater or lesser extent.

Also, the fact that physical symptoms may have psychological origins doesn't make them any less real, or mean sufferers can simply 'pull themselves together' and get better !

In either case - it's a real disease, and nothing to be ashamed of.

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Your family may have a point but I can see how frustrating it is to have a diagnosis on official records that you do not agree with, had not discussed and is incorrect in your view. Do you think your doctor might have been trying to help your application since mental health is difficult for PIP to argue with and can be pretty broad? Physical illness might affect your outlook for example.

I don't know about the other diagnoses. Certainly thyroid disease doesn't seem to be count but perhaps you would be wise to get some professional advice before pursuing. It depends what you want to achieve.

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Did you join Benefits and Work? They have fantastic advice about challenging decisions if the PIP outcome is not good. My understanding is that you can challenge anything on the medical notes but that they do not have to remove the item even if you prove it inaccurate. I know of one case where patient inaccurately noted as having had a particular treatment that never occurred, but although challenged has never been removed, they prefer the innacurate version that was written by GP to patients report. I obviously have lots to say about that as no doubt you do with plenty of words chosen speciality for such eventualities...


Yennn, if you have time to watch episode 3 from Broken Brain, it explains how inflammation from autoimmune diseases impact the brain and what you can do about it. brokenbrain.com/replay/

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You need to find out exactly what the GP said to PIP. You can do this with a SAR (Subject Access Request). Do not be surprised as to how inaccurate the report is about you - I have seen reports where the patient has changed sex a few times!

Then when you have the facts, try playing it the other way. "I see you say I have mental health issues - please can you explain what these are and how you came to that conclusion? I would like to see my notes where you came to this diagnosis". The fact that you have not been offered any drugs or counselling seems to indicate that the GP had a "moment" and may be was thinking of someone else!

They cannot alter your notes but can add a note to say this was put into your medical file in error.

I agree with Cwill - Benefits and Work is a very good site. I too have ehlers-danlos, luckily mildly, and my knees give me some bother. I hope you get to the bottom of the problem and get a diagnosis so you know what you are fighting. Hug.


Exactly what I said Serenfach - perhaps the GP was thinking of someone else when he wrote the report - hadn’t got this far down reading all the comments when I replied.


Hey all thank u for all ur replies! I’m sorry for my delay I had a “crash” tension migraine and spent a day in bed.

I would love to be able to reply individually to everyone message,I will reply here.

I would love to think my gp was trying to help me get the reward for pip, however I truly believe that is not the case. As we do not have the greatest rappor due to my continuously asking for further testing And I argued against my diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome due to it being dx far too early as I had on set of symptoms only for two weeks before this was given. I have had numerous debates and quoting NICE guidelines why it is not acceptable and demanded further testing. Which was all declined. I also got zero points for planning and following a journey despite the gp letter of confirming MH. It did not go in my favour.

I also doubt she got my name mixed up with another patient she confirmed in my report everything else correctly my diagnosis, medication and my name is an unusual first and last. That not many people would have.

I phoned up my pyshiotjerapist as my report said I was discharged for non compliance and they have evidence I could walk 20metres unaided. He confirmed they have no contacted him, I have not been discharged and he knows I can not walk 20 meters unaided.

I did get reward for pip. And now I am in a position whether to challenge my gp letter of dx me with MH in an official report and my non compliance from pyshio incase I have to go through the whole procedure again.

Depaire That I find it so hard to accept my gp writing a letter to confirming I have mental health issues, when I do not, have never been diagnosed, it has never been diccussed in any of my appotnmenrs. Please do not think that I think people with MH issues should feel ashamed. I am sorry if my post came across that way at all, I totally do not mean that and believe people who do have MH issues should be treated in the same aspect that psychical illnesses should.

Thank you for ur advice on going to benefits and work website.

I defo will and for phoning PIP asking for a SAR

Thank u all☺️ Have a good day


The problem is, your GP’s report will have been a crucial part of the PIP decision-making process, and if you ask for it to be withdrawn or even replaced, there is a danger DWP might treat it as a ‘change of circumstances’ or supersession, and review the whole claim. You might not get the same level of award second time around, or any award at all. I can understand why you are annoyed – even if the diagnosis were right, it’s completely unacceptable to find out about it in this way – but if it were my PIP award, unless I was confident a corrected report from the GP would give me lots more points, I would probably be tempted to leave well alone for now. If your complaint to the practice results in full investigation, and diagnosis of a physical cause for your condition, you could try asking for an up-to-date report, including a correction, to be provided free-of-charge when your PIP award comes up for renewal.

DWP guidance on responding to requests for medical reports tells GPs they need neither obtain consent from the patient (because DWP has already done this, via the PIP2 form), nor share the report with the patient. No idea why this should be the case, although minimising costs may be one reason. On the positive side, it does note that DWP will provide the patient with a copy of the report on request, so you should have no problem obtaining a copy. gov.uk/government/uploads/s...

In the UK, your GP or specialist needs your explicit consent to share your medical information with organisations such as employers and insurance companies. This is subject to the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988. You are entitled to see a copy of any report produced, including, if you wish, before it is sent to your employer. This is a link to the BMA’s guidance: bma.org.uk/advice/employmen... The situation is a bit different if your employer has commissioned a report via its own occupational health team, although you still need to give consent, and should have the opportunity to discuss what sort of thing would need to be disclosed, and to whom.

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Thank u for all ur helpful information and forwarding me on to helpful sites. Thank u☺️

I know what u are sayings it probably is best to leave the pip as it is as I did get the rewards but i am finding it difficult to accept my GP unacceptable behaviour by writing a letter stating I have MH issues when I don’t. It is on official records and medical reports. It is the same as misdiagnosing a patient that has a cold with a stomach ulcer. Incorrect and unjustified. I would love to write a letter complain to complain to them practise manager but I do not want it to accept my pip or have to go through that assessment again as it was taxing, stressful enough the first time.

I will go on benifiets and work website and ask For further information.

Thank u ☺️Have a good day


When you get the SAR, go though it and see if the MH is mentioned. If not, I would go for the jugular at the GP practice. For it to be in your notes without ever mentioning it to you, or offering treatment or help is shocking. It goes against the "do no harm" ethics of the medical profession.

I recently had a "specialist" pulled up before the medical board for writing false information in the notes. Basically he said he given me an injection when he had not. He is now on a final warning and is being shadowed, so it can happen, although it took over a year to get to this point.

I hope your health improves - hug.


Oh wow! Good for you Hun! They defo shouldn’t get away with it.

Weirdest thing I called up pip and asked for medical report

They said they don’t have any medical evidence then I called my gp practise and they said they did not receive anything from pip.

But my reports defo 100% say evidence from medical. Go letter to confirm MH issues.

I am even more confused now🙈


Have you had a copy of your FULL medical report ? (this isn't the couple of pages that come automatically with the decision letter, you would have to have requested it)

DWP doesn't always request extra medical info from GP for PIP - they are more likely to seek it for ESA.

Perhaps make an appointment to see your GP, and when you get there, say you want to discuss the mental health issues that were mentioned in the report to DWP - I would only open this discussion with the GP, don't get embroiled with practice staff. It won't do any harm to have on record that you are very upset and stressed by this incident, in case you do complain against DWP.

If the GP says they don't believe you have mental health issues, and didn't provide anything to DWP, then you need to wonder what evidence the PIP decision was based on. You could write to DWP, formally requesting a copy of all evidence used to make the decision, including the evidence provided from the GP which refers to mental health issues, pointing out that the report says it made use of this evidence, so presumably it must exist. Just be aware that if they review the decision, especially if there was no letter from the GP, you could find yourself without anything at all, or perhaps needing to go through the whole process again - in which case, I would suggest you get help with the process or the appeal, and also with a complaint against DWP.

But please think very carefully about opening this can of worms - I understand how angry you are, but don't want you to lose the money !


Do not accept this from the GP ask for it to be taken off immediately


assuming the GP did actually provide a report !



I phoned pip and asked for the assessment providers report( sept to the report about payment)

I called up today to ask for the medical report and they said they had no medical records.

I then contacted my old gp and my current gp practise.

My gp called me back and said no one from pip has contacted them.

In my report for moving around it wrote “evidence supports a reliable distance of more than twenty metres unaided but no more than 50m.

It also wrote that I was discharged from pyshiotheraphy due to non compliance.

I have not been discharged from pyshio and I have not been non compliant. I am in a wheel chair and struggle with fatigue after minimal extortion therefore I can not participate in the exercises. I spoke to pyshio today and he also stated that pip had not contacted him, that he would not agree with the decision of moving around as his room is not 20m and he would never ask a patient to walk 20m but merely a few steps. Also I am in wheel chair and have to use crutches around the house.

He agreed to put this in writing and send it to my gp if I wish to send it as evidence.

If I request a Mandatory reconsideration would that mean my pip decision as a whole would be looked at. I am releasing after phoning up and finding out they have no medical records there are a lot of flaws and untrue statements wrote in my report.

Pip decision states they have evidence a gp letter confirming MH issues, discharge from pyshio all which there is no truth.

Pip are sending me a letter to confirm they have do not have any medical records or obtain any.

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If you request an MR, they certainly can review the whole decision, especially if you are saying (as you will be) that the medical evidence on which the report was based doesn't exist.

I would seek specialist help from an agency with experience of completing PIP forms, They will be able to check your form and evidence against the assessment, and maybe give you a better idea as to whether your claim is likely to stand up without the (apparently non-existent) "GP's report".

I would, in any case, ask the physio if he will give you a copy of his report in writing - if you do challenge the decision, that should be helpful.

Honestly Yennn, this is a completely rubbish situation for you to be in.

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In the SAR you should ask for the following for PIP - copies of

1. PIP2 Questionnaire

2. PIP Review File-note – PA1

3. PIP Consultation Report Form – PA4

4. PIP Payment Decision Letter

5. Statement Of Entitlement Letter

6. DPA – Computer Printouts of everything on their system to do with your claim.

They have been known not to send all the stuff they have under a SAR, so listing what you want is useful.

It is not uncommon for PIP not to bother with medical evidence and to make up stuff. This is why you need to get the relevent documents and go through them with a fine toothcomb, or get someone you trust to do it for you. Some of the stuff you read may be upsetting as it can be untrue.

At least you will know what info the DSS has on you which is always useful, as you can use it in future claims if necessary.

Then at least you will have the facts before you consult the GP.

Good luck. It is frustratingly slow to get to the truth, but worth it in the end.


Hey, yeh I called to ask for A SAR for my medical report that was the only thing I was missing. However they confirmed they did not contact anyone for medical evidence. Although on notes they said gp letter with MH and evidence I can walk 20metres.

I can not actually believe I stressed myself out for days thinking my GP stated that. Thank goodness I did not just go pointing the blame at the practise manager. That would not have been cool.

Pip have agreed to put in writing they have none of my medical reports or evidence.

Now I just need to decide whether I want to put in an official complaint for in factual information documented and stated in my reports. I do not have the energy if I asked for MR to go through the whole process again. My family are advising me to ask only on the ground with my pyshio sending evidence that I can not walk more than 20m unaided and ask for that to be reconsidered. Not to put in a complain to pip and dwp for the error of MH if it is not actually in my medical records.

I truly feel for people who are genuinely ill and have to be dealing with pip and the disjustice they face.

Thank you all for your support and helpful information 💛


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