They have ways of taking care of people like US!!!

Why in Japan is there very few people w/Alzheimer's - reason they treat tyroid problems - thus, here in the US - they refuse to become educated as to the necessary dosage to return one to a healthy state - yet, thyroid patients spend lots of money on their merry-go-round - w/ideal promises of getting better. save your money & get a ticket to head for Japan where they care for those suffering. My guess the US medical community has decided there's to many of US & they might as well collect -1st. With undiagnosed thyroid avoidance - then BIGGER BUCKS with Alzheimer's drugs & institution living. Nice job America. I doubled my dosage of both high blood pressure med & then thyroid med. 1st. No one would treat my thyroid problem - then finally found one who went by symptoms vs lab reading ( talk about a farce ) - then no Dr willing to try any more med. - Thus, no recovery in sight - so doubled my dosage & began to finally improve - if I lived in Japan I'd be in a Dr. Office & asking to increase just a bit until I felt 100% - but here in US - even after telling Dr. I had increased -felt better - he wrote on my report to end all thyroid meds. Because I was cured - per the lab readings - which I was never informed to stop med before lab draws. Talk about a merry-go-round ride & we flip the bill & soon -depending on your age - you won't care because you'll be drugged w/Alzheimers drugs & in a care facility - would love to have any Dr. Labs that are taking thyroid drugs - see what their labs results are & start using those #'s to guide our recovery - they'd have to be brain dead not to be able to see what needs to be done - but that label won't work for Medical personnelthyroid problems are being treated & SURPRISE are improving - GO FIGURE!!!

Wanting to be fair - have to mention the last Dr. That let me think she was calling in prescribtion - but didn't & when checking what was going on - she didn't see any reason for me to take ANY thyroid med. Lab report says!! YEAH RIGHT!! She was a NP & hopefully has flunked out - NAAA the Dr. Will probably promote her - does anyone see a problem here? ANYONE??? WHAT THE &$@/)!!?? Is going on in America??

Here's the real kicker - I believe that the thyroid problem came about when I was raped in a HOSPITAL - & they destroyed my thyroid - I'm sure they have their methods - of dealing w/patients - a little twilight music playing in the background - heaven help US All. Guess they don't have enough patients - NAAA the Dr. In charge of my case yelled @ me " WE HAVE WAYS OF TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!! Sweet hey - there but for the grace of GOD go I !!!!

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  • Well, that was a bit of a rant! Tbh,with all the capital letters shouting, I can tell you are angry, but are you certain you aren't a bit hyper?

    When was your last blood test and what were the results?

    G x

  • Well - if you were raped in a hospital - brutally - I might add - you might have something to rant about & rape side effects - something called PTSD - soooo much FUN!! That was to let you know if your a Dr. - you got that one right - amazing grace a Dr. With a correct answer - what a site!! Yes, I'm angry - I live in America & was fortunate to come out of a hospital where I lived to tell about it & finding a Dr. To want to heal here is next to impossible - the next time I end up in a hospital - I'm sure it will be the last time - for they'll finish what they have attempted to accomplish before - they have ways of taking care of people like me - Just a wee bit Angry - MAD if you prefer - dogs get Mad & I'd get better care from a dog than any Dr. I've seen in a long time.

  • Hi Kataline

    Yes, you're angry and I think that's a response many of us have with regard to non-treatment or undertreatment of our thyroid gland.

    I am sorry you also have had an horrific ordeal and trauma too and I wouldn't wish that on any human being.

    In the USA big pharma has a huge control over medication particularly levo as levothyroxine is the biggest prescribed medication, so they get millions of $ by brainwashing and monetary gifts 'in kind' to prescribers and also from blood tests. Then, because the patients still complain of 'symptoms' they are then prescribed other medications for the symptoms instead of a decent thyroid hormone, either T3 added to T4 or Natural Dessicated Thyroid which many countries have prosecuted doctors who prescribed NDT in the past.

    I hope you are on sufficient medication but you are right doctors nowadays know very little about the thyroid gland, that's why we have to educate ourselves and we know more than those who are supposed to have studied and have a medical degree.

    Best wishes.

  • Please don't put the blame on their NOT knowing how - what - when & to what degree to medicate - we're trash to them - so out we go. A. Thyroid med problem - or high blood pressure ect. - you choose. B. Dr. See's you $$ next blood test - & say they are not in needed range - ever hear of an eraser - or better yet certain lab reports are doctored before they even leave the lab - Noooo never - open your eyes - tell the truth - $$$$$ paid for falsified labs. C. Dr. Appointment because SURPRISE - NO improvement Thus - one more time you can chip in for his mistress & his next cruise. Until we tell it like it is - nothing is going to change. UNTIL SOMETHING CHANCES - NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!! As the cemeteries now hold how many unneccessary - trash - (their thought process) (not my - take my loved ones for me) & they're looking forward to my exsist - it's NOT for lack of their trying though. So until they succeed will try to make life as difficult as possible - try last week change for driving in toll states over $25 poof gone - my charge card - someone not in procession of card - that I know of - last three bills - caught On my statement - my getting gas @ stations I didn't go to & it takes a month or more before I need to fill up again - think this has happened before I took notice & it continued 3x -zip nothing changes till something changes. Groceries it's rare either when I get home over charged - or buy two sauces pay for two sauces - end up with one sauce - did they slide one under counter or when I was in second store - did they help themselves to what ever they could grab. Water bill 2x what person - professional one of them use & there's something not right in Cambridge - no not Denmark - the town I live in. Now pharmacy can't get dosage of med I need - REALLY!!! Either I've been transformed onto a different your first transition kinda a practice HELL -planet or else this is going to be a very bumpy ride. Buckle your seat belts!!! By the way I believe my permanent address will be in heaven one day - I'm in no hurry - but I think they know their permanent address & not to happy with it - jealousy - if she gets Heaven one day - & Hell -our permanet address -we know HELLS - that's where we'll end up - let's give her a taste of what we've signed up for HELL!!! Let's give her a taste of what we have waiting for us. YEAH!! hell NOW!!! Their way of thinking - not the brightest bulb on the Xmas tree hey!!

  • Low Thyroid is not the only reason for Alzheimers

    The proliferation and ubiquitous use of Aluminium from cans to cookware to foil and additives in baking powder , indigestion tablets ,toothpaste along with use of aluminium salts and fluoride in water treatment plants is a far greater threat to total health along with its effects on the brain

  • My vegetarian relative with Hashimoto's was diagnosed with ME for years and then dementia. She made a remarkable recovery after regular B12 injections

    were given - not without a battle with GP !

  • Yup .............rubbish diagnosis like ME and Foibromyalgia abound and worse still patients are brainwashed into believing it

    You must not even mention Thyroid on HUs forum for Fibromyalgia or it gets deleted and you get banned

  • What !? How awful ! My daughter with Hashimoto's and fibromyalgia was prescribed antidepressants for years. She's now come off after supplementing with B12 and D3 - the medical profession and big Pharma do not want us to know about the benefits of these vitamins and more - they all work better together - as confirmed in a link Humphrey recently posted:

    " Thyroid treatment isn't optimal -- and may not work -- if you do not have adequate Vitamin D for the crucial final metabolic step, which takes place at the site where thyroid hormone actually works. This happens inside the nucleus of the cell. Vitamin D needs to be present at sufficient levels in the cell in order for the thyroid hormone to actually affect that cell. That is why vitamin D is so crucial. "

    Richard Shames, MD

    The more I research, the more I realise that deficiencies are passed down through the DNA, are all linked and often run in families - ME/thyroid/autoimmune/fibromyalgia/B12 def./low D3 etc.

  • My point is these Dr. KNOW how to treat thyroid problems - they chose NOT too & you mention the courts have punished Dr. Who have prescribed NTD & BIG PHARMA also has their hand in your pocket - anyone see a PROBLEM here?!?!? Stay out of the SYSTEM - Dr. Brought me into the system - it's their way of showing THEIR CONTROL - USA uses zillions of white-wash to appear the healing wonder of the world - just shoveling more shit into every orphisis on ones body & you know without a doubt you'll be billed for this service - as a friend pointed out - Dr. Who really go into the profession of healing are NOT in our hospitals & clinics - their in 3rd world countries working for little or nothing - lousy conditions & horrendous hours TRYING TO SAVE LIVES. BECAUSE to practice REAL medicine they had to leave the USA because their comrades would NOT have tolerated their saving patience in need. As long as we continue to be ignorant of their dark - milk them till their bank account is dry - incompetent (unless one of their LILY WHITE patients) - well continue to die unneedlessly @ the hand of Dr. Interested in buying bigger & better toys with our hard earned $$$$ !!! WAKE -UP & stop sweet - white - washing what the hell is going on!!! Oh yeah - tell it to the JUDGE - now if you want crooked - hmmmm - you may be right best I just see what I can learn off sites like this one & library books -

    & trust @ this point I'm better of treating - diagnosing & hopefully improving the hand these CRACKED individuals who call themselves healers - DR. Have failed miserably at - SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS!! Think we're down for the count - odds are NOT in our favor - but guess it's better to go out kicking & ranting & raving than to roll over until their buddy the undertaker can cremate US so their is no body to examine @ a later date - don't you kinda hate it when you can read between their lines - I'm thinking when it happens I'm looking upward & pretty sure heaven has few Dr. Lawyers - Judges you fill in the blanks - so my way of figuring it maybe uphill but it's been interseting here on earth - a system that rewards wrong doers constantly & the very ones in charge of who goes to jail are filthery than the ones they put away - gotta say heard it often through out my life - I just reread & terribly misunderstood the meaning " ONLY IN AMERICA!!!! " - just my thoughts.

  • Really fed up - welcome to the real world - so thyroid under treatment or No treatment isn't it stock lock n' barrel - the other ones are swallowed a whole lot easier than having to fight for diagnosis of a problem that leaves you - fatigued - weight gain - poor sleep - poor digestion, depression, weak immune system, thinning hair, increased pulse rate - these are a few of what Dr. NOT treating a unresolved Thyroid problem suffer from - brushing my teeth @ least I feel better - these other things YOU control - stop drinking soda ect. - I see RED when it has to do with their being a solution that we're NOT privy to because the person who could help chooses to pocket the $$$$$ & struts around like some peacock when really what he or she is is a low life show me the money - type of being. Feel free to add your rants & raves - fill in the blanks Dr.s ARE!!!!!!

  • Here's some food for thought: Why does Japan NOT have thyroid health issues - what are they doing we're NOT?? What # do they use to determine optinuim thyroid health?? Little or NO Alzheimer's in Japan? Think it might have merit to know WHY???

    Also in a movie when flying on a plane - women's thoughts are - she's in economy looking in front of her into 1st. CLASS - her comment - it use to be better accommodations NOW it's a better way of LIFE!!! - as the flight attendant yanks the curtain across the door way entrance .. THINK about that one - & yes they even have people in place to pull the curtain over our eyes (view).

    Are we reaping what we sowED??? Or did paid personal with a promise of better tomorrows pull the curtain over our eyes? Don't think we were viewing things through pink colored glasses - maybe it's NOT to late to pull the curtain back & fix it & remember to KEEP our eyes OPENED WIDE in the future - Just a thought - mine.

  • Mainly because doctors and drug companies are making a fortune off our illnesses!!

  • I think you could benefit from some therapy

  • That's rather an unfeeling thing to say to someone who is suffering. A little tact goes a long way.

  • Precious - you think I could use some therapy - It was a Therapist many years ago who a clergy sent me to - AHHH take that back the first therapist - he sent me to see - a women who had offered to see us for FREE - unreal hey - bottom line my husband was very good looking & could be very charming - well she swooned over him - & I was to meet her & in the hall way after introductions she said to me " So your his wife - who'd want you anyway.". No warm & fuzzy feelers out that day - I'll mention here HE DID!!! So much for free - there isn't enough money even if she paid us to see her - some peoples children - YIKES!!!!

    Then the one in charge of my getting well - hospital - & I'm in the hallway & boom he's there in front of me arms frailing every which way & says "WE HAVE WAYS OF TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!! Guess It was a case of I Wouldn't eat the mushrooms!!"

    Is there any particular bridge you had in mind for me to swan dive off - Thanks for the suggestion of therapy - I view both negatively !!! I realized I was on my own - had an anxiety attack & when the Dr. Said I couldn't see my therapist - & therapist said "if you need me ( which she knew I did - call me & if need be we'll meet for coffee.) " My phone never rang - it's a whole lot of BULL - that's when I knew I was on my own -- I'm panic stricken & she's like isn't life hunky dooree - lets do coffee. So I calmed down - realized if I was ever going to get well - I would need to create my world without the expense of Dr. & therapist - & their drugs that will surely have at least one side effect BUT NEVER FEAR - for they have just the pill to take care of that!! Then the office visit - who and "What do you think about what you just said". & " What do you think would be helpful - come back & our next session you can tell me what you've come up with to help you?" WHY DO I NEED A MIDDLEMAN & hell I get to pay them for their listening to my ?'s and I get to come up with the answer too - sign me up hey?? I think NOT!!! Well what do you think about that shortstop tight?!?!!! Let me guess your a therapist - I'll take the bridge - THANKS!!!

  • I read recently that thyroid disease can be caused by shock. I'm so sorry you have had such a bad experience Katalina, compounded by the lack of understanding and treatment in the US, as is found also in the UK. Big Pharma has a lot to answer for !

    We've had similar bad experiences in our family and have found that the only way is to educate yourself and others, treat yourself if necessary, as the medical fraternity are often too ignorant and arrogant to listen.

    It is not only thyroid disease but also B12 deficiency that our family has been battling with. B12 deficiency can be misdiagnosed as Altzeimer's, dementia or ME. Japan has a higher threshold of testing, whereas here in the UK they generally ignore symptoms and refuse to treat even though there are official guidelines advising that tests are unreliable.

  • Had a - B12 shot once & I don't know what was in that shot vile - but I felt terrible for well over a month - if that's what helps fatigue - I'll pass it was back to rest rest rest & to please like myself enough not to let people poke needles into me to help keep me well - or take blood for sending to a lab that has never NOT once helped get me the meds I need to get well. My goal is love thy self & only see Dr. When absolutely the only avenue left. My understanding is one will never be able to get thyroid cured - thus, med & blood test & seeing the devil himself - necessity - how depressing - sad & to their liking - if someone doesn't want to make my life good why would I want to make theirs good - once again a broken record - here goes - SHOW ME THE $$$$$$!!!! That's really the bottom line - I think so -wish not so -afraid so... If there was something that wasn't Dr. Required. I've wondered about acupuncture - did a paper on it once - impressive stuff - used it after rape & reaction to meds - terrible side effect - used it to help heal my body -it helped - have heard it can work for high blood pressure - diet -wt. loss. Something's gotta give - a life w/Dr. In need is NOT pretty!!! My one relative who lived into her 100's - with few aches & pains - secret - she avoided Dr. - here down fall - was my taking her to live in my town -seeing Dr. - BAD MOVE - I keep listening for the twilight music to play in the background - if only! That would mean this isn't real & the nightmare will @ some point end - happily - for I will awake & all will be GOOD!!

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