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23andme Results - Interesting Reading

Thought I would post my results that came through today via Nutrahacker. Very interesting read especially at the neurotransmitter section on the mutation report, which might explain a lot about my current mental health. Was speaking with mum the other day and she pointed out how many of the family (on her side) had suffered depression and I am pretty sure, especially from my results, it's a gene thing.

Also spotted on the drug response report that I am Homozygous ref antidepressant response. No idea what that means but will find out next week.

Haven't quite worked out yet but I think I am MTHFR and COMT. Mailed my results over to Dr C and we are skyping next week to discuss the results

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Very interesting Jefner! Glad you've got it sorted and can move ahead to deciphering it all. :)


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