T3 in uk?

Hi I've recently started T3 therapy after not doing so well on NDT. I had my suspicions confirmed a year ago that I was hypothyroid & had adrenal fatigue. GP disagrees says fibro/ CFS so refused to treat. I ordered some expensive (£70) T3 online but it took a while to come, found a UK seller & they said 48hr delivery but still not arrived 5 days later?! I'm going away Sunday & need more T3 before my holiday!

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  • Ebs73,

    I suggest you contact the seller and check that your order has been despatched. If it was despatched via Royal Mail check whether it is at the sorting office.

    It is illegal to sell prescription only meds without prescription in the UK. Many members use online sites outside of the UK but delivery will usually be 7-10 days at the earliest.

  • Thanks, just checked email from them, they say there's a backlog trying to get a date of arrival from them. I'd hate to come off T3 while on my hols & go fully hypo! 😯

  • Ebs73,

    If you've NDT or Levothyroxine left over perhaps you can take them. If you're going on holiday to Turkey or Greece you can buy T3 over the counter in pharmacies.

  • Thanks, that's a good idea I have a whole bottle of NDT. I'm going to Russia! But may visit those places next year to get a supply at a decent price.

  • Can anyone advice whether I can take tiromel (which I believe is the Turkish brand name for T3???? If you are on biological just as enbrel for RA?? Thank u .

  • ......if I wanted to get a supply of T3 in turkey what do I ask for at a Turkish pharmacy ??? Already on 100mg of Levothyroxine what dosage of the Turkish t3 shall I take in addition to the Levo and do I take it at same time....any help much appreciated.

  • Blue666,

    Ask for Tiromel in the pharmacy.

    As you take Levothyroxine with Enbrel it should be fine to take T3.

    If you write a new post including your recent thyroid results with ranges members will advise about T3 dose and whether or not Levothyroxine dose needs reducing.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Hi, I'm not sure about adding t3 to levo as I've only tried NDT myself. I haven't had the Turkish T3 either. But if you Google it I'm sure it will show you the brand name and a picture. I'm trying t3 only therapy it's because I was on ndt for a year got a bit better then started getting worse. I don't have a reliable source of t3 but a friend is going to try and get me some from Turkey next week.

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