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On NDT week 1

HI all , started my new AIP paleo diet on Tuesday aswell as my supplements and NDT

I'm taking 1/2 grain morning and afternoon and so far no adverse reactions at this early stage ,it's been a challenge with the new diet but I do feel more aware of how my body feels already now with certain foods that I am permitted . One slight improvement is the brain fog only slightly but an improvement I'm happy to see. I know (hope) over the coming weeks and months I will feel and see more improvements and cannot wait for the muscle and joint ache to reduce . Insomnia is as bad as ever and as a result the tiredness ,once my adrenal tests are back and my male hormone profiles we will see a bigger picture to go with my symptoms.

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That wasn't a terribly good idea, to start so many new things at the same time. You really ought to space things out and start something new every two weeks. Now, you will have no idea what is doing what, will you?


It was the instruction I was given after I saw the doctor , he told me to start ASAP which I did . He felt the inflammation and fatigue was so bad I had to .


If you have low vitamin D, this link may be informative

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Thanks slow dragon


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