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Liver biopsy for mineral and toxic element status?

I am suspecting that my thyroid problems are due toxic elements. I know it sounds extreme, but is that probably the only very reliable method to get status for minerals and toxic elements inside body?

I know that liver biopsy is widely used in animals for determination of trace elements but I haven't find any information about human testing from liver. I would appreciate if anybody have any information about that.

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Just to be aware that there is a risk of haemorrhage with a liver biopsy so all patients have 2 units cross matched prior to the procedure, therefore I can't imagine a doctor in the uk would undertake the procedure without good reason: the benefits would have to outweigh the risks.


In Dr Myhill's book 'Sustainable Medicine' she mentions urine testing for toxic metals. She gives a link to her website which may be useful


Unfortunately urine testing is also not reliable enough. If somebody has kidney blockage it won't eliminate toxic metals enough to show abnormality. I spoke with a practitioner and he told me he had a case when test showed normal values. After half year of chelation therapy kidney started eliminating toxic elements and then the test showed 80x (extremely toxic level) increase.


A liver biopsy is hard enough to get done even with signs and symptoms of liver disease I doubt very much any doctor would do it for you as there has to be convincing evidence of disease and that the risks are worth taking. Its a major procedure which can easily cause serious problems and believe me it's not something I would go through again.


Have a look at Dr Myhill's website. There is a blood test to look at toxins. There is also a hair test that I've seen mentioned elsewhere but I know no more than that.


Have you considered Great Plains Laboratories tests? They also have a great resource area. Organic acid tests etc might be worth considering alongside genetic and toxic elements. A Skype consultation with someone from GPL will explain iresults afterwards.

Best wishes


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