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Thank you greygoose, shaws, and clutter - thought over your advice and decided to just be plain in my concerns. My friend has agreed to blood tests so have ordered vitamin check 2 plus and selenium also magnesium from medichecks. At least this is a start.

I don't think it is thyroid but there is a history of PA in her family which she knows about but water off a ducks back! Hope I don't end up with egg on my face this end and her out of pocket big time.

Thank you all again for your help.

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No reason to feel you'll have egg on your face if the tests are normal. Your friend could have requested her GP tested for PA and vitamins, she didn't have to order private tests.

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She is all over the place and kept saying she would do this, that and the other but her tiredness and forgetfulness is getting worse, her husband just laughs but it is worrying me. She has said if there are any anomalies she will go to GP. She is a very lovely person and a good friend - have said hope all is well but better safe than sorry. Thank you clutter for your input it did help me to decide.

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