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Any recommendations on Dr A Lulseggad and advice on further tests after DIO2 results?

Have just had the DiO2 test after advice from this forum (thank you) and have faulty gene -heterozygous. Counsellor giving me the results from Regenerus made some recommendations but they are all linked to where she works so am wondering whether to follow them up or not. She recommended Thyroid Plus test from Genova, and getting blood drawn from Biolab and taking these results to this doctor privately. Can anyone PM me if they have any dealings with this doctor, or let me know if I should stick to the list of endos in London given by Thyroid UK and should I get this test or any other ones done before seeing an endo? Am hypo and on Levothyroxine 50 but still suffering hair loss, weight gain, etc. I really appreciate anyone giving me some advice as am undecided what to do next and don't want to waste money on unnecessary tests.

Also can I ask my NHS GP for tests for B12, ferritin, Vit D, iron etc. or have these got to be done privately as well? Thank you

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your gp should do tests for b12 ferritin and vit d and iron I am sure.

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Thank you. Carol


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