You poor love, Hillary

You poor love, Hillary

I know that across the pond this woman elicits strong opinions. But politics aside, I wish she were close enough for me to give her a hug. Honestly ? And share a fat doobie with, too.

Sometimes kitten, you have to slow down and NDT can't do it all. What kind of first world democracy is it when there's no-one considered credible enough to fill your shoes ?

(((Hillary))) Fellow hypo chick. I salute you, woman to woman.

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I feel for her but in all honesty, it's not a great career for someone with Hashis and needing to reduce their stress levels! i would struggle to work full time let alone work full time as president of America..hats off to her if she can manage it without suffering a burn out.

and she's 68!

Hey NatChap speaking as a former 'geezer-bird' or honorary 'big swinging d*ck' as I was also christened in a previous life, slowing down if you're an A type is not the easiest thing to do. Five years after stepping off my corporate merry go round I still have to be careful with what I take on. Rapunzel, Queen of the world doesn't come into it.

Acceptance. I wish I was better at it :) I doubt Hildawg is any more adept, frankly. Bill needs to have a serious word. Or Chelsea.

I get that Rapunzel but president!? There couldn't be a more stressful job!! :-D

First time I saw that, I read it as "Rapunzel for president" :-)

:D :D :D

Like I have the time, the energy, the ambition or the errr nationality requirements. Bliddy hell, Rod I bet that gave you a turn :)

i never heard that she has hashimotos.

Ok I've got to ask...what's a doobie?!

Ha ha thank you Louise

I love this article!!! :)

Thank you Rapunzel :)

There's a rumour that she has Parkinsons. I think she should withdraw from the campaign and look after her health.

Probably Low B12 - that goes hand in hand with being Hypo.

Marz you may very well be right; the scandal is that you and some of the other wise ones on our beautiful forum know more about this sh*t and how to handle it than the doubtless expensive MDs she has following her around. Ah, well, at least she's getting some T3..

JFK - blown away - what more do I have to say ? If he ran the world with hypo, so can she, what what ?

..... JFK once quoted - If only my Doc had read just one more book :-) And so say all of us ....

Were we the only ones to think it was her Hypo problems causing her 'pneumonia'?

I thought that straight away

Me too NatChap, But if they admit that, then they admit they cannot treat it properly!

Hey j_bee you see that's where most of my concern lies; when I fell, split my lip, broke my specs, laddered my tights and left my dignity in the toilet, only the woman who nearly ran me over in her Range Rover saw.

I am freaking sick of seeing that poor woman wobble and roll on the telly. Apparently the other one is morbidly obese, so he ain't got nothing to shout about, no ?

I thought it too. Not just the pneumonia but the general air of utter fatigue. I notice it's nearly all men who are saying this makes her materially unfit to be leader of the free world; I well recall a UK spitting image item in the 80s called the president's brain is missing...he did alright, tho, didn't he ? xx

Rapunzel my worries are about this too. I was taken into A & E being supported by my husband and daughter as I could not stand. They got me a wheelchair, but when I eventually got to the doctor 1.5 hours later, he could do nothing for me and did not even recognise the symptoms. Now on Thorne Cortex as NHS not interested in treating low Cortisol problems.

Most men would think women were unfit to run a country, but we are alright to run a home!

Yeah, men. Bring it :D

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