Hillary Clinton's doctor gives her clean bill of health after 2012 concussion - takes thyroid pills

'She also noted that Clinton suffers from seasonal allergies and hypothyroidism, an imbalance of thyroid hormones that can be corrected with a daily pill.

Her prescription is for Armour Thyroid, an alternative to the more typical Synthroid medication that some holistic physicians prefer because it is produced from dried pig thyroid glands instead of being synthesized in a laboratory.

The pill is known mostly for its pungent odor.'


Without getting involved in politics I really have to admire her strength. I do not and cannot imagine the amount of energy required to run for the job of the US President. No mean feat for any normal person never mind her age and health. I know she will likely have plenty of the finest doctors in her camp but wouldn't it be marvellous if she could help promote thyroid health?

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  • The fact that they have prescribed Armour Thyroid instead of Synthroid, the pharmaceutical companies wont like that as they have been trying their very best to bury NDTs but they keep popping up although many doctors wont prescribe.

    It might make more people want NDTs and doctors will prescribe due to Mrs Clinton and which will eventually become 'popular' again.

  • Yes exactly. Could be really good news on meds front.

    Forest pharmaceuticals will be rubbing their hands. :0)

  • I say share, share and share again 😄 There's nothing like a successful, well-liked strong celebrity to promote an alternative solution!

  • Yes, of course her doctor has prescribed Armour Thyroid (an NDT), had she prescribed Levothyroxine Hillary wouldn't be able to function! NDTs are far far superior to the L T4 toxic junk pill, I know because I have just spent 2.5 years on it and I have never been so ill in my life. I finally found a doc who would prescribe it for me after a desperate search when I thought I was about to die (yes, die, sorry to sound dramatic). It took half an hour after the first Armour pill to make me normal again. Levothyroxine should be pulled from the market and Endos should go back to school and read a few more recent publications. You can read about the full horrors of L T4 from thousands of poor patients by Googling "problems with synthetic thyroxine" or something like that. I wish the doctors would do that, they might start thinking outside the box.

    Anyway, if it's good enough for Hillary, it's good enough for us!

  • It is Big Pharma (mainly in USA I understand) who pushed levo (plus blood tests) when first introduced by monetary incentives and promotions which were successful for them (big profits) but not for the many patients who suffered and still suffer.

    Before levo doctors recognised and were au fait with clinical symptoms of hypo. They then gave patients trials of hormones and NDT was first introduced (in a different form from today) in 1892 and millions of patients benefited up until the late 50's (approx) when levo was introduced.

  • I have copied this to my Facebook page. Good find!

    Frankly, she could do way more good if she took up cudgels for thyroidees than running for PotUS, what with her health scares and money almost-scandals.

  • Thanks for sharing it.

    Like I say I see it as a great opportunity for us thyroidees.

    I am however concerned that it seems to be getting a some negativity on line saying that she will never become an advocate for thyroid issues because of her views on other issues. I have to confess I know little of her manifesto and more of her celebrity. I hope that all the negativity will not lead to it being swept under the carpet or worse still, in the name of having to be more perfect than is achievable to get the job of President or whatever job she ends up with, she then will be advised to say she takes synthetic pills to show she is 'towing' the line. She may have a fair amount of power and money but maybe not as much as the medical/pharmaceuticals industry!

    I agree with you that if she tapped in to all the thyroid warriors she may well pick up more votes but not that simple I guess.

  • What a good point! They are always looking for market groups, the black vote, the hispanic vote, the female vote. Let's add the Thyroidee vote by offering NDT to all that request it - instead of making us feel as if we are asking for heroin linctus!

  • Very encouraging. It would be interesting to know how her dose is monitored ...

  • It would indeed. She has got to be in the "normal" TSH range to be running for US president ha ha!!

  • There is no way she's got a TSH/T4 doc. Full Thx panel only, every 6 weeks for Hillary. When you can afford the best doctor, you get Armour!

  • It is not about her strength!!! She couldn't do this if she didn't feel well and have a normal amount of energy! Maybe she doesn't have Hashimoto's either. Do you know how many people beat themselves up daily, because they can barely function?

    There is nothing about this woman to admire!

  • I admire Hildawg very much. shambles mentions that she is likely to be surrounded by the very best doctors and of this I have no doubt. It should be reassuring to those of us taking NDT that Hilary Clinton's expensive medical advisers have chosen to prescribe a medication so many doctors, fueled by big pharma's platitudes, think is inferior.

    Go Hilary !

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