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Erfa Thyroid obtained online without prescription

Hi. I am new here and not sure how to properly ask this question. I have seen others post similar questions which appear to be answered through private message. Therefore, I decided to post a new message might be best.

I am in the U.S., but need to obtain Erfa Thyroid without a prescription. I have gone the traditional route through an endocrinologist for years. (I was diagnosed in 2003 and went to Era about two years ago). I had been prescribed 125 mcg of levothyroxine and was 'stable' on that dose for may years. However, I had continually felt lousy despite having 'normal' blood work.

I began doing research and came upon many websites discussing the fallacy of the traditional approach to thyroid management. People seem to fully support the approach of using a natural, dessicated thyroid, particularly those that have a specific formulation and contain exact amounts of the included thyroid hormones. I then made the switch and obtained Erfa Thyroid myself about three years ago and I have felt better than I have in many years.

However, the source I had found has changed their procedure and I cannot obtain the Erfa without a prescription. I have lousy insurance with few choices for doctors, and I cannot find one willing to even consider prescribing Erfa Thyroid. They all insist on the traditional, and useless, route of prescribing Synthroid, Levothyroxine, etc.

Can someone please direct me to a reliable, safe source for Erfa that I can obtain online? Thank you very much for any help and support you can provide.

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I hope you've had feedback via private messages.

I need this information also...Can anyone help.?

Welcome to the forum, Linda37330.

Not many people will see a request on a year old thread.

I suggest you Write a post of your own and include some background such as how long you’ve been diagnosed, recent thyroid results and ranges, and current thyroid medication.

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